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Order and Delivery Information

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Once product selection has been made, use the order form on this site to get started. Download the form, fill-in all pertinent information and submit the completed form by e-mail or fax. An estimate will be e-mailed back for review and approval. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for questions regarding custom orders, product specifications, ADA compliance, etc.


Upon customer approval of the estimate and payment in full, order production will begin. Turnaround times vary, with longer times expected during peak season (spring/summer) and shorter times in the off season (fall/winter) as we often have extra stock on hand during this time. 

  • Please allow 60-90 days for completion of orders. Special order completion times will depend upon the product.

Shipping & Delivery

Depending upon the destination, size, and weight of the order, and available off-loading equipment, shipping methods and costs will vary. Whether Sonoma County Probation Camp delivers ordered products or secures a third party shipper, be assured that competitive market rates will be applied.

  • These shipping quotes will be included in the estimate. Arranging alternative shipping or product pick up from our Sonoma County location is also an option.
  • Orders must be picked up within 30 days of notice of completion, or the products may be used to fill other orders and an additional waiting period may incur.

Driving Directions for Product Pickup