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Sonoma Public Infrastructure (formerly TPW)

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New Public Education Campaign Targets Speeding Cars and Aggressive Driving

Innovative Signage Takes Direct Approach in Response to Recent Fatalities in Sonoma County

Santa Rosa,CA | April 07, 2019

SANTA ROSA, CA – The County of Sonoma Department of Transportation and Public Works (TPW) today announced the second element of a new traffic calming program in response to recent fatalities and concerns among TPW officials and County residents about unsafe and aggressive driving. The new tactic involves the placement of three separate and straightforward warning signs, “Don’t Kill”, “Don’t Die”, and “Slow Down” along road segments that are known trouble spots. The measure follows the acquisition and deployment of a radar feedback sign trailer Countywide in response to community concerns.

“One fatality is too many. That’s why we’re prioritizing this effort on behalf of Sonoma County families whose loved ones were taken too soon,” District 2 Supervisor and Board Chair, David Rabbitt, said. “The combination of aggressive, and in many cases distracted or impaired driving, are at the root of this issue. We need to deal with it across multiple fronts through engineering, education, and enforcement. I’m confident that we’ll continue to find effective solutions in cooperation with our community partners.”    

“This pilot program is aimed at increasing driver awareness to reduce collisions that are the result of impaired, distracted, or aggressive driving,” Director of the Department of Transportation and Public Works, Johannes J. Hoevertsz, said. “We’re concerned about the increase in aggressive driving throughout the County and will continue to work with our partners on creative strategies that safeguard our public roadways to the greatest extent possible.”

In December 2018, TPW introduced speed display technology as a temporary and visible effort to support law enforcement and bring awareness to trouble spots where motorists are driving beyond a safe and legal limit. Additional efforts include new signage displaying the number of accidents and fatalities along a particular road segment experiencing a high number of collisions.

In January of this year, over 80 speed zones Countywide were recertified and adopted by the Board of Supervisors in support of speed limit enforcement by California Highway Patrol. Additional efforts could include participation in the Toward Zero Deaths campaign, which is a national strategy that prioritizes traffic safety culture as a tool to reduce serious injuries, with the goal of a road system free of fatalities.

For more information regarding the new TPW direct signage public education pilot program, or for general information about the Department of Transportation and Public Works, please visit, email, or contact (707) 565-2550.  


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