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Department of Health Services

COVID-19 Information


California and Sonoma County lifted COVID-19 emergency health orders February 28, 2023. The federal government ended the national public health emergency May 11, 2023. This means that there will be fewer free resources available to mitigate COVID-19. Those with health insurance should be able to access care through their providers, but those without health insurance will notice decreasing availability of free testing, treatment and vaccines in the coming months. While no-cost options are still available on a limited basis, county health officials encourage those without insurance to apply for Medi-Cal and contact local community health centers for overall health care needs, including COVID-19.

Data and statistics

For COVID-19 data and statistics on wastewater analysis, variants, vaccinations, hospitalizations and deaths, and cases and testing, visit the Coronavirus Data Dashboard.

Information, guidance, recommendations and resources


Vaccine eligibility, clinics and other information


Where, when and how to get tested, including a link to report your at-home test result


If you test positive and have symptoms, medication can be prescribed and provided at no cost

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Orders from the Health Officer

Current and archived health orders


Instructions for those who have COVID-19


When and what to wear for protection

Guidance and resources by setting

Information for schools and youth programs, health care, congregate and other settings

Support services and resources

Local, state and federal support services and resources available to all, not just those who have been affected by COVID-19