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Department of Health Services

Public Health Disease Control

Public Health Disease Control

The Disease Control unit aims to reduce the incidence of communicable diseases in the community through surveillance and investigation of individual cases and outbreaks. The Disease Control unit provides the following services:

  • Investigation, tracking, and reporting of Title 17 reportable conditions
  • Tuberculosis control
  • HIV/AIDS surveillance and reporting
  • Flu program coordination
  • Immunization assistance
  • STD control

Public Health Nurses (PHNs) and Investigators (PHIs) collaborate as needed with epidemiologists, environmental health, the public health laboratory, and the health officer to respond to and investigate reported diseases. They conduct interviews, provide health education, refer for further care and treatment, and take measures to prevent further spread of the disease.

You can reach a Disease Control PHN by phone at (707) 565-4567 to respond to communicable disease reports, as well as questions or concerns from the community or health care providers.