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About Us

Transportation and Public Works is now Sonoma Public Infrastructure - Website updates coming soon!

Integrated Waste is a division of the Sonoma County Department of Transportation & Public Works (TPW). Our mission is to provide ecological solutions to solid waste disposal, natural gas recovery, electrical generation, recycling, community hazardous waste disposal, and composting.

What we do

The TPW Integrated Waste Division owns the Sonoma County Central Landfill, which houses facilities for recycling, material reuse and natural gas and electrical generation. It owns five refuse transfer stations, oversees the regulation of two commercial hauling companies and maintains closed landfills.


The Integrated Waste Division is funded by usage fees from the Central Landfill and Transfer Stations, as well as franchise fees from waste hauling companies. It uses these funds for activities such as maintaining closed landfills and providing oversight of operational and collection contracts.

Operations Transfer

On April 1 st, 2015, TPW transferred the operation of the Central Landfill and transfer stations to Republic Services. Republic Services is the second largest provider of waste management services nationwide specializing in reliable and responsible operations.

The operations agreement with Republic Services was selected after a three year collaborative process that involved Cities, the County and a diverse group of public stakeholders. Moving operations to Republic Services helps achieve the following:

  • Commitment to a stable and predictable rate structure with public oversight.
  • New recycling programs to bring us closer to our goal of 80% of waste diversion
  • Expansion of the Central Landfill, providing customers with additional recycling opportunities.
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through elimination of out of County trash hauling.
  • Prolong the lifespan of the Central Landfill.

Read more about the operations agreement with Republic Services

    If you would like to view a copy of the Master Operations Agreement with Republic Services please contact the Department of Transportation & Public Works at (707) 565-2231.

    Commercial Waste Hauling Companies

    Recology Sonoma/Marin 1-(800) 243-0291
    Recology Final and Restated Franchise Agreement (PDF)

    Sonoma Garbage Collectors 1-(707) 996-7555
    Sonoma Garbage Franchise Agreement plus Amendments (PDF)