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Sonoma Public Infrastructure (formerly TPW)

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Department of Transportation and Public Works Announces New Community Roadside Clean Up Program

Organized Public-Private Partnership to Benefit Sonoma County’s Rural Roads and Neighborhoods

Santa Rosa,CA | April 30, 2019

The County of Sonoma Department of Transportation and Public Works (TPW) today announced a new Community Roadside Clean Up Program designed to provide interested non-profit organizations and community groups the ability to assist in cleaning up litter along County roadways. The volunteer-based pilot program is similar to Adopt-a-Highway programs where interested groups may apply for a particular County road segment that is determined by officials to be acceptable for cleaning by volunteers. To ensure the safety of participants, certain road segments may be restricted, including those under construction or with high traffic volumes, narrow width, restricted lines of sight, steep or rugged terrain, or other conditions.  

“It’s an ongoing challenge to keep our roadsides clean. That’s why I’m pleased with the entrepreneurial spirit at TPW to craft a public-private partnership that makes a positive impact on pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers in our communities,” District 2 Supervisor and Board Chair, David Rabbitt, said. We have some of the most scenic roads in the state and country, and this program will help keep them that way by protecting wildlife and the environment, and all residents and visitors of our shared communities.”

“Community members are concerned by trash on our roads and are looking to make a difference,” Director of the Department of Transportation and Public Works, Johannes J. Hoevertsz, said. “This is a fun and easy way for active residents to spend time outdoors with other engaged community members and raise public awareness by helping to keep our roads clean for everyone’s benefit.”

Participants in the volunteer Community Roadside Clean Up Program will be given a safety training and guidance on the proper use of barricades, signs, vests, trash grabbers, and trash bags. Currently, TPW works with probation crews to collect large items that are discarded illegally. The average cost from fees to discard items properly is $11,000 annually. TPW also works with its contracted hauler for roadside cleanup within the County at an average cost of $22,500 annually.

For more information regarding the new TPW Community Roadside Clean Up pilot program, or for general information about the Department of Transportation and Public Works, please visit, email, or contact (707) 565-2550.  


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