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Sonoma Public Infrastructure (formerly TPW)

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Charles M. Schulz - Sonoma County Airport to replace storm culvert, refurbish sections of pavement at regional airfield

SANTA ROSA, CA | March 15, 2024

The Sonoma County Department of Public Infrastructure today announced plans to refurbish a section of runway pavement and replace a deteriorating culvert following an annual inspection and report issued by the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA, which has oversight of safety and operations at the regional airfield, conducts annual audits at all active airports with airline service in the United States to ensure compliance with federal safety regulations and provides a checklist of required improvements.

In response to the concerns identified in the Jan. 12 report, airport officials took proactive measures to seal the affected areas to prevent additional water intrusion and potential for further deterioration. A repair plan was prepared and submitted to the FAA on March 1 detailing the steps to fix the drainage culvert while also addressing any resultant pavement distresses. The projected cost of the project is roughly $600,000.

“Each year, airport officials and Department of Infrastructure personnel coordinate work to complete projects identified in this annual inspection report and within a timeframe agreed upon by the FAA,” said Airport Manager Jon Stout. “The safety of the public and employees is the county’s top priority, and we can rest assured that the quality of the travel experience at STS will continue to be world-class.”

“The airport team has been and continues to monitor the infrastructure with a focus on areas where pavement is involved,” said Director Johannes Hoevertsz of the Department of Public Infrastructure. “This proactive approach is a standard part of our maintenance routine, ensuring that we address any issues promptly to maintain safety and operational efficiency. The department is committed to implementing the necessary repairs and improvements as identified in the FAA's annual report, demonstrating our ongoing dedication to the quality and reliability of our county's infrastructure.”

Airport officials are in the process of procuring long-term repairs. The work includes culvert replacement, new pavement, and pavement restoration of the areas in question. This is considered the most cost-effective and time efficient approach that will minimize disruption to air passengers and airport operations. The culvert replacement work on the runway is expected to take place in May and will take approximately 16 hours to complete, including night work. Flight disruptions are possible and will be communicated to travelers in advance. Members of the public may also follow the Sonoma County Airport on social media for updates. 

Separately, the FAA identified a rough pavement section where an underground electrical conduit crosses the runway. In response, airport engineers have been monitoring the site and are working on a permanent repair.

For more information about upcoming runway projects at Charles M. Schulz - Sonoma County Airport, or for general airport information, please visit or call (707) 565-7243.

Media Contact:
Dan Virkstis, communications specialist 
(707) 565-3040