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Information Systems Department

Information Management Division

Document Management

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Document Management refers to methods and strategies used to capture, manage and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. 


Copied, scanned and faxed documents, email and attachments, and Microsoft Office documents and spreadsheets are processed into the system and converted to electronic format. Batch Optical Character Recognition (OCR) converts images to text in order to facilitate text searching and full text indexing.


Departments develop file plans according to function and business activity to enable users to find documents. Workflow automates business processes according to business rules and user roles. Security is based on a user’s network login or additional security keywords. User actions and document history such as capture date, viewed by, changes, emailed or printed is audited. Trusted system storage authenticates that documents from capture to storage are genuine. Document retention and purging is automated according to the established schedule.


Using a desktop application with ribbon-style toolbars, users can personalize their interface and quickly access the forms and functions they use most often. Wildcard, keyword, thesaurus and other advanced searches are available, as well as full-text search. The Application Enabler module allows seamless document retrieval while using a department’s line of business software, and Unity Briefcase gives traveling and field staff portable offline access to documents and forms, easily synchronized upon return to the office. Automated Enterprise E-Forms used by users and customers effectively capture and store data to the system. Users can search and interact with SharePoint document libraries.