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Human Resources Department

Engineers and Scientists of California (ESC)

2023 - 2026 ESC Memorandum of Understanding:   Article 23: Enactment

Article 23: Enactment

The Board of Supervisors will amend its written policies and take other action by resolution or otherwise in order to give full force and effect to this Memorandum. The below representatives agree to recommend the implementation of this Memorandum.

County of Sonoma

/s/ Kelly Tuffo
Kelly Tuffo

/s/ Jeremia Mills
Jeremia Mills

/s/ Ashley Nolan
Ashley Nolan

/s/ Tony Walls
Tony Walls

/s/ Cheryl Thibault
Cheryl Thibault

/s/ Maureen Gavosto
Maureen Gavosto

/s/ Dusti Longfellow
Dusti Longfellow

/s/ Katie Audiss
Katie Audiss

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/s/ Denise Solis
Denise Solis

/s/ Amanda Aaron
Amanda Aaron

/s/ Jon Akre
Jon Akre

/s/ Erendira Aparicio
Erendira Aparicio

/s/ Kristie Badger
Kristie Badger

/s/ Todd Hart
Todd Hart

/s/ Stacy Jonas
Stacy Jonas

/s/ Jenn Keegan
Jenn Keegan

/s/ Rebecca Purcell
Rebecca Purcell

/s/ Trisha Sheldon
Trisha Sheldon

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(Signed Documents on File with Employee Relations)