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Staff Development and Wellness Allowance Program

Staff Development and Wellness Allowance Program

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Not applicable for certain bargaining units – Bargaining Units Eligible to be Reimbursed

Staff Development and Wellness Benefit Allowance Program

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The employee Staff Development and Wellness Benefit Allowance Program (“Program”) has been developed to encourage learning and wellness. The Program provides an annual benefit to employees as negotiated by collective bargaining or contained in the Salary Resolution.

All benefits provided under this Program are subject to applicable provisions of federal and/or state law, and County policies and procedures, as approved by the County Administrator and the Board of Supervisors. These policies and procedures include but are not limited to the County Travel and Meal Reimbursement Policy, Vehicle Use Policy, Policy on Purchasing, Departmental Computer Use Policy, and Department Telework policies, guidance or agreements.

Bargaining Units Eligible to be Reimbursed

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Effective July 1, 2023:

  • DSA, DSLEM, SCLEMA employees are not eligible for staff development reimbursement. Under the terms of the MOU they receive staff development fund through yearly stipend. All other bargaining groups are eligible for reimbursement of eligible professional development expenses, ergonomic office costs, and computer hardware and mobile devices.
  • ESC, Local 39, SCLEA, SCPA, SCPDIA, SCPDAA, SEIU, and WCE employees are eligible for reimbursement of wellness and emergency preparedness items in addition to the above.

The table below illustrates which bargaining units are eligible to claim reimbursement under the corresponding staff development category.

Groups Eligible to File Reimbursement Claims


Group 1, 2


Group 1, 2

Emergency Preparedness

Group 1, 2, 3

Computer Hardware and Mobile Devices

Group 1, 2, 3

Ergonomic Office

Group 1, 2, 3

Professional Development

Group 2


Group definitions include the following bargaining units:

  • Group 1: ESC (75), SCLEA (30,40,41,70), SCPA (45), SCPDIA (55,56), SCPDAA (60), SEIU1 (01,05,10,25), WCE (21)
  • Group 2: Local 39 (85)
  • Group 3: Salary Resolution (00,49,50,51,52)
  • Group 4: DSA (46,47), DSLEM (43), SCLEMA (44) not listed above because an annual stipend payment is paid

1SEIU MOU allows staff development reimbursement through 6/30/2025