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Human Resources Department

Civil Service Commission

Rule 7 - Certifications and Waivers

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Section 7.1 - Request for Certification

  1. Whenever an appointing authority wishes to fill a vacant permanently allocated position, other than through intra-departmental transfer or demotion, he/she shall notify the Human Resources Director in writing as far in advance as possible specifying the type of certification, promotional or open. (revised 7/1/10)

    If a subsequent vacancy occurs and there are at least three names remaining on the certification in the department's possession, the department head has the option of hiring from those candidates already certified regardless of the number of remaining standings, or requesting an additional standing of names for each subsequent vacancy. (revised 1/30/92)

  2. Such notification shall be treated by the Human Resources Director as a request for certification, until such time as it is withdrawn in writing by the appointing authority. The employment of a provisional employee in a permanently allocated position shall constitute a request for certification until such employment is terminated.

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Section 7.2 - Certification of Candidates

  1. Upon receipt of a request for certification, the Human Resources Director shall, as soon as practical, certify to the appointing authority a list of names of those candidates having the three highest standings as determined by the final examination score on the employment list for the class, and of all candidates who appear as free names and transfers for the class. Certifications shall also include the names of any eligibles who by the virtue of addition of Veterans or promotional County service points would have a score that equals or exceeds that of any candidate certified by final examination score. The Director shall also furnish the appointing authority with the application and other pertinent information about each candidate whose name is certified. (revised 7/1/10)
  2.  1.     For vacancies being filled from an open eligible list resulting from an entry or journey-level recruitment, the appointing authority may specifically request three, four or five standings as determined by the final examination score on the employment list for the class, along with all free names for that class. The request for four or five standings must be made on the request for certification for an entry or journey level (normal working level) recruitment or three standings will be sent. (revised 6/1/00)
     2.     In no event shall the number of standings that may be certified in connection with promotional examinations exceed three standings for one vacancy. See Ordinance 353 Section 6 (j). (revised 6/1/00)
      3.     If at the time of the request for certification, there is no active employment list and there is an active freename list, the appointing authority will receive a freename list certification in accordance with Rule 6.2 B.   (added 7/1/10)
  3. If more than one vacancy exists, the certification shall contain one additional standing for each additional vacancy. (revised 6/1/00)
  4. Any candidate who waives a certification or who does not respond to a certification or indicates non-interest in the vacancy for which certification has been made shall be deemed not available. For Law Enforcement Departments which require extensive background investigations, candidates who fail the background investigation shall be deemed not available. Whenever all candidates with the same standing are not available, all candidates with the next highest uncertified standing, as determined by examination score, shall be certified if a supplementary certification is desired by the appointing authority. If all the candidates in the next highest standing were certified because of the addition of Veterans and/or County service points, an additional standing shall not be certified. (revised 7/1/10)
  5. Whenever there is no current eligible list for a class or insufficient eligible candidates for a full certification, the Human Resources Director may authorize the use of an eligible list in the same classification series which requires the same or greater qualifications. Such alternate eligible lists shall not be used for classes for which promotional examinations are given.
  6. The Human Resources Director shall mail to each candidate whom he/she certifies a written notification which shall include:
    1. the fact of certification;
    2. the class title, or class title and working title;
    3. the name, address, and telephone number of the appointing authority, or designated representative.
    4. a statement that the candidate is to contact the appointing authority within five (5) regular County business days after the date appearing on the notification;
    5. a form upon which the candidate may enter a waiver of certification;
    6. a statement that failure either to report or to waive may result in removal of his/her name from all Employment Lists on which it appears.

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Section 7.3 - Special Certifications

Whenever a vacant position requires an employee of a particular sex; with residence in a certain locality; willing and able to work certain unusual hours or at a certain location; able to speak, read or write a language other than English; or with other appropriate special qualifications, the Human Resources Director may, upon written request by the appointing authority, certify only those candidates who meet the conditions requested.

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Section 7.4 - Promotional Certifications

  1. At the request of the appointing authority, and with the approval of the Human Resources Director, the incumbent of an alternate position may be promoted to the higher alternate class to which his/her position is classified without competitive process. (revised 7/1/10)
  2. General Promotional Certifications
    When one or more county employees qualify for promotion or transfer, a certification which includes their names may be, limited to such employees, at the request of the appointing authority.
  3. Departmental Promotion Certifications
    When one or more county employees qualify for promotion or transfer within the same department in which they are employed, a certification which includes their names may be, limited to such employees, at the request of the appointing authority.

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Section 7.5 - Waivers of Certification

To remain on an employment list, an eligible candidate who is certified to an appointing authority may waive consideration only twice for the same class by so notifying the Human Resources Director in writing.

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Section 7.6 - Report of Certification

  1. Upon appointment of a candidate from a certification, or upon exhaustion of a certification without appointment, the appointing authority shall promptly return a copy of the certification to the Human Resources Director, indicating thereon the action taken with regard to each candidate certified.  The Human Resources Director shall retain said copy for not less than three years after the date of certification.
  2. The appointing authority or his/her designated representative shall inform each reporting candidate, other than the appointee, that the candidate has not been selected

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