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Property Reassessment

What is the process for having my property reassessed after the fire?

How long will it take to have my property reassessed?

If my home or building has only smoke damage, will I get a reduced assessment?

What information did you utilize to make your decision on percentage adjustments to my damaged structure?

My house was not structurally damaged but the market value of my property is less now because of the fire damage in my area. Why didn’t I get an adjustment?


After my property is rebuilt or repaired following the damage, will my property taxes be increased over what they were before if I do not increase the size of the improvements?

What if I rebuild, but there are some variances or differences (i.e. different floor plan; add a full bath; it now meets current building codes; etc.)? Will my assessment go up or stay the same?

Can my assessed value be increased prior to the completion of construction?

If I do add on square footage, can you tell me what value you are going to add to my assessment, or in fact, do I get reassessed and lose my Proposition 13 basis? How do you determine the value?

What if I build a new granny unit to live in before I rebuild the main house?

If I disagree with the value you place on my new construction, what can I do about it?

Can I transfer my tax value to a temporary residence until I rebuild my original house back onto my lot?

My property tax value went up by more than 2% this year. Why didn't I receive a notice in the mail?


My house was completely destroyed, can I buy a replacement residence within Sonoma County but, possibly in another city or unincorporated area?

I’ve applied for a Proposition 50. Can you tell me the market value of my property before the fire? Or can you send me the sales for my area so that I can figure out the market value of my home that burned down for the Proposition 50 Base Year Value Transfer?

Can I buy another house in a different county and transfer the base year value of my damaged house to my new house? (Proposition 171)

Manufactured Homes

My manufactured home was destroyed in the Governor declared fires, am I eligible for property tax relief?

Property Taxes

If I paid personal property taxes on a business or vessel that was destroyed by fire, will I get a refund?

Temporary Housing

Our home was damaged in the fire and we moved out to a rental house paid by our insurance. Are we still allowed the homeowner’s exemption even though we have not returned to our house as of January 1?

Insurance Claims

What information does the Assessor have that can help me with my insurance claim?