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Board of Supervisors Department

Springs Municipal Advisory Council

Authority and Purpose

Springs MAC 750


The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors created the Springs Municipal Advisory Council

by: Resolution No. 18-0508
on: 12/11/2018


The Springs Municipal Advisory Council will represent the best interests of the entire community while acting as a bridge for communication between the County and local residents and businesses on the following topics for the Springs Area, when they are referred to the Municipal Advisory Council through the proper channels described in the Bylaws:

Section 1.       

  1. Use Permit Applications and planning topics when referred by the Sonoma Valley Citizens Advisory Commission
  2. Prioritization of Transportation and Transit Improvements when requested by the District Supervisor
  3. Health and Human Safety-Net Services when requested by the District Supervisor
  4. Community projects such as art, clean ups and vegetation planting when requested by the District Supervisor
  5. Additional Topics Requested by the District Supervisor

Section 2. The duties of Springs MAC shall include:

  1. Hold regular open and public meetings;
  2. Study and analyze the Advisory Topics;
  3. Keep the District Supervisor informed of any issues related to Advisory Topics within the Springs MAC boundaries;
  4. Provide advisory recommendations on the Advisory Topics to the Board of Supervisors and other County decision makers through the District Supervisor, and annual reports to the Board in coordination with the District Supervisor;
  5. Comply with Sonoma County Municipal Advisory Council Policies and Procedures