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Corrected and Escape Property Tax Bills

The Assessor will send a Notice of Corrected or Escape Assessment after a value correction has been determined. Tax bills related to corrected assessments are generally mailed within 60 days of the notice.

Corrected bills are similar to supplemental bills in the sense they are making up for changes in value and are generally for an event that occurred in a prior tax year. To differentiate these bills from your regular tax bills, the important messages box in the top right corner of your bill will annotate either “Corrected Bill” or “Escape Bill” and give a brief description of the event which caused reassessment.

Reading Corrected and Escape Tax Bills

When reviewing these additional bills, it is important to carefully read the important messages as well as review the County Values section. The important messages will provide a brief description of the event which caused the reassessment, the event date and the time period the bill covers. In the county values you will see values in each of the 3 columns, (Prior, Current, This Bill), showing the change in value and the value difference that is being taxed. Please visit our section on Reading Your Tax Bill for more detail.

Should you have questions about a valuation, please contact the Assessor at 707-565-1888. If you have questions about the tax bill or how to pay it, please contact the Tax Collector at 707-565-2281.