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Calamity Reassessment FAQ

This page answers frequently asked questions regarding reassessment for properties damaged by calamity. 

If you have any questions not covered by the material here, please contact the tax collector's office at or by phone at (707) 565-2281 or the assessor's office at or by phone at (707) 565-1888.

General Reassessment Questions

What is the process for having my property reassessed after a calamatiy?

After my property is rebuilt or repaired following the damage, will my taxable value be increased over what they were before the calamity?

Unsecured Taxes Questions

When will new business property/unsecured tax bills be issued that reflect the loss in value of my property?

If I paid personal property taxes on a business or vessel that was damaged or destroyed by a calamity, will I get a refund for a past tax year?

Next Steps

Do I need to notify my mortgage company, if my property taxes are paid through an impound account?

What should I do if I have delinquent property taxes and my property was damaged or destroyed by a calamity?

If I already mailed my property tax payment but the check has not cleared my account, will the Tax Collector cash my check?

Will property tax due dates be extended or will penalties be waived for a property affected by a calamity?

If I have a Sonoma Clean Energy Improvement Program (SCEIP) assessment and the improvements were damaged or destroyed by a calamity do I have to pay the assessment?”

What information does the Assessor have that can help with my insurance claim?