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Multi-Year Tax Rates

The Multi-Year Tax Rates report provides current year tax rates (in aggregate) by tax rate area (TRA).  A TRA is a geographical area comprised of a unique combination of taxing jurisdictions and debt service funds. A tax code is a number assigned to identify the taxing jurisdictions and debt service funds within a TRA.


Multi-Year Tax Rates Reports

2021-22(PDF: 315 KB)

2020-21(PDF: 3.36 MB)

2019-20(PDF: 8.40 MB)

2018-19(PDF: 335 kB)

2017-18 (PDF: 347 kB)

2016-17 (PDF: 335 kB)

2015-16 (PDF: 273 kB)

2014-15 (PDF: 273 kB)

2013-14 (PDF: 265 kB)

2012-13 (PDF: 240 kB)

2011-12 (PDF: 1.90 MB)

2010-11 (PDF: 603 kB)