Certified Values by Tax Base

The Certified Values by Tax Base report provides current year assessed valuation (by tax code) of real and business property subject to property taxation.  A tax code is a number assigned to identify a unique taxing jurisdiction or debt service fund.

Certified Values by Tax Base Reports

2021-22(PDF: 130 KB)

2020-21(PDF: 746 kB)

2019-20(PDF: 140 kB)

2018-19(PDF: 2.73 MB)

2017-18(PDF: 147 kB)

2016-17(PDF: 141 kB)

2015-16(PDF: 145 kB)

2014-15(PDF: 135 kB)

2013-14(PDF: 135 kB)

2012-13(PDF: 215 kB)

2011-12(PDF: 1.35 MB)

2010-11(PDF: 215 kB)