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Public invited to North Bay Induction Cooking Expo on January 27 in Santa Rosa

SANTA ROSA, CA | January 23, 2024

The public is invited to learn about the benefits of induction cooking and financial incentives to upgrade a kitchen on January 27 at the North Bay Induction Cooking Expo in Santa Rosa.

The free event will feature a cooking demonstration by a professional chef, hands-on opportunities for attendees to experience induction cooking, and valuable information on rebates and incentives to make your home more energy efficient and sustainable.

The three-hour expo, which takes place Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., will be held at Premier Bath & Kitchen, 3201 Cleveland Ave., in Santa Rosa. It is staged by the Sonoma County Climate Action and Resiliency Division in partnership with the Bay Area Regional Energy Network and the counties of Napa and Marin.

Induction cooking is gaining popularity as an energy-efficient alternative to traditional cooking methods. By utilizing magnetic fields to directly heat cookware, induction cooktops offer faster cooking times, precise temperature control, improved indoor air quality and increased safety.

As part of Sonoma County’s commitment to sustainability, the Climate Action and Resiliency Division is organizing this event to raise awareness about the positive impact of induction cooking on the environment and utility bills. Highlights of the expo include:

  • Professional chef demonstration: Attendees will have the opportunity to witness a live cooking demonstration by professional chef Scott Spencer. The chef will showcase the versatility and efficiency of induction cooking, providing insights into its culinary advantages.
  • Hands-on opportunities: Participants will be encouraged to experience induction cooking firsthand. An interactive station will be set up for individuals to try cooking with induction technology, allowing them to appreciate its ease of use and superior performance.
  • Rebates and incentives: Representatives from the Climate Action and Resiliency Division will be available to share information on rebates and incentives available for those considering induction cooktop installations. Learn how making the switch can not only benefit the environment but also provide financial advantages.
  • Drawing for a set of induction cookware and other prizes: Participants do not need to be present to win. No equivalent cash value.

The Induction Cooking Event is free and open to the public. The informative experience will combine culinary delights with sustainable living practices. Reservations are encouraged but not required. Attendees who register ahead of time will qualify for an additional entry into the drawing. Register at

The Climate Action and Resiliency Division is dedicated to helping Sonoma County address the climate crisis and achieve its climate-related goals and objectives.

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