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Stay Compliant

Stay Compliant

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What you can do to stay in compliance with pesticide laws and regulations


Know the rules

Refer to handouts you receive during your permit or operator identification renewal appointment. Check out information on our website, we have links to many state publications. 

Lead by example

Make sure that you, as the owner or supervisor, wear all required personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow all laws and regulations when using pesticides so employees see that you take safety seriously. 

Provide Supervision

Make sure your employees do their part by following the training they receive and use the proper protective equipment. Also let your employees know you will check up on them unannounced. Keep a log of those check ups and what you found.

Have a written disciplinary policy in place

Create a specific policy in regard to the consequences for employees who do not follow proper safety procedures. Enforce your policy when employees are not following proper safety procedures.

Rewards for employees

Some employers have found that rewarding employees who follow proper safety procedures helps with their compliance.

Other procedures

Have employees do a daily check before heading out to begin a pesticide application or take a crew into the field to ensure they have the necessary equipment needed for the day. They need to understand what to do when their Personal Protective Equipment needs to be replaced or they think the pesticide application can’t be made safely.

Be sure your employees know whom the Agricultural Commissioner’s Office inspectors are and that we may conduct a routine inspection at the site and why we conduct these inspections.