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Mediterranean Fruit Fly

Ceratitis capitata

The Mediterranean fruit fly, or medfly for short, is a species of fruit fly capable of causing extensive damage to a wide range of fruit crops.

Mediterranean Fruit Fly  Mediterranean Fruit Fly from the side
Mediterranean Fruit Fly

Mediterranean Fruit Fly lifecycle
Mediterranean Fruit Fly Life-cycle

Mediterranean Fruit Fly trap in a tree
Mediterranean Fruit Flytrap in tree

Glassy-winged Sharpshooters (GWSS)

Homodiscus Coagulata

The Glassy-winged Sharpshooter is a large leafhopper insect from the family Cicadellidae, similar to other species of sharpshooter

Glass Winged Sharpshooterglass winged sharpshooter trap

Glass winged Sharpshooter  & Glass winged Sharpshooter Trap

Glass Winged Sharpshooter adultglass winged sharpshooter eggmass

Adult Glassy-winged Sharpshooter & Glass winged Sharpshooter egg mass

Disease spread by Glassy-winged Sharpshooter

pierce disease in wine grapes

Pierce's disease in wine grapes

citrus variegated chlorosisleave scorch

Citrus variegated chlorosis & leave scorch

oak leaf scorchphony peach disease

Oak leaf scorch & phony peach disease

Gypsy Moth

Lymantria dispar

European gypsy moth, or North American gypsy moth, is a moth in the family Erebidae that is of Eurasian origin. It has a range which covers Europe, Africa, and North America.

Gypsy Moth LarvaeAdult Gypsy Moth

Gypsy Moth Larvae & Adult Moth

gypsy moth trap

Gypsy moth trap

Japanese Beetle

Popillia Japonica

The Japanese beetle is a common species of beetle. It is about 15 millimetres long and 10 millimetres wide, with iridescent copper-colored elytra and green thorax and head.

Japanese beetle live cycle

Japanese beetle live cycle - Eggs, Larvae, Pupa

Japanese beetle Japanese beetle Trap

Adult Japanese beetle & Japanese beetle Trap


Red imported fire ant

Solenopsis invicta

The red imported fire ant, also known as the fire ant or RIFA, is a species of ant native to South America.

Red fire antsRed fire ant hill

Red fire ants  & Red fire ant hill 

Red fire ants  infestation map