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Agricultural Division

Hazardous Materials Reference List

General Information

Sonoma County Eco-Desk (707) 565-3375 or

  • Antifreeze recycling
  • Used Oil recycling
  • Battery recycling
  • Tire recycling, etc.
  • Household Toxics Collections
  • Community Toxics

Air Pollution Control Districts

Hazardous Waste Haulers*

 *You must obtain an EPA identification number prior to having waste oil, antifreeze, etc. removed by a certified waste hauler. To obtain an EPA number, call 1-800-618-6942, or visit the Department of Toxic Substance Control website

Cleaning and Disposal of Tanks

They will come on site to clean and dispose of unwanted fuel tanks, and issue a certificate.

Fire Protection Equipment and Supplies

  • Santa Rosa – Fire Safety Supply Co.
    (707) 575-9117

    468 Yolanda Avenue #102
  • Goodguys Fire Protection (mobile co.)
    (707) 528-6041
  • Richmond, CA – International Fire Equipment
    (800) 533-3473
    437 Ohio Avenue
  • North-Cal Fire Equipment (mobile co.)
    (707) 763-6494
  • Cotati – Santa Rosa Fire Equipment
    (707) 546-0797
    595 A Portal Street 
  • Santa Rosa – Wyatt Supply
    (707) 578-3747
    747 Yolanda Avenue
  • Ukiah, CA – Wyatt Supply Fire Protection
    (707) 462-7473
    2200 North State Street
  • Fire Extinguishers must be a minimum of 2A10BC rating

Sign Distributors

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs)

  • MSDSs are available through pesticide dealers and pesticide manufacturers, and should be available through your fuel provider.
  • MSDSs are available online at

Spring-Loaded Valves

  • Santa Rosa – Royal Petroleum Co.
    (707) 540-0054
    365 Todd Road
    Any item not in stock may be ordered.
  • Cotati – Cotati Petro Tech
    (707) 544-8324
    544 East Cotati Avenue
  • These valves must be installed to drain water from secondary containment areas.

Water Troughs For Secondary Containment – Both Circular and Rectangular

  • Santa Rosa – Friedman Bros
    (707) 584-7811
    4055 Santa Rosa Avenue
  • Sonoma – Friedman Bros
    (707) 939-8811
    1360 Broadway
  • Petaluma – Maselli M. & Sons Inc.
    (707) 763-1562
    519 Lakeville
  • Ukiah, CA – Friedman Bros
    (707) 468-7811
    1235 Airport Park Boulevard
  • These entities all carry troughs for 55-gallon drums or larger.

Determining How Much Secondary Containment You Need

All fuel tanks, oil drums, etc. must have secondary containment that equals a minimum of 110% of the largest tank. If your fuel tank is 1,000 gallons, you would need 1,100 gallons of secondary containment. Example: When you have two tanks side by side, one 300 gallons and the other 500 gallons, you would need 110% of the largest tank or 550 gallons. Secondary containment must consist of compatible, nonreactive materials to those being contained. Containment can consist of such things as a livestock water trough for containers of 5 to 55 gallons, a cement pad with cinder block walls sealed with two coats of latex paint, manufactured double wall tanks, poly tanks cut in half, a recessed cement floor with cement berm, etc. Outdoor containment areas must have a spring-loaded valve that is pulled open by hand and closes when released to drain accumulated rain water. Fuel tanks should be located at least 50 feet away from any other structures or environmentally sensitive areas.


1 cubic foot = 7.48 gallons

1000 gallon tank needs 1100 gallons of secondary containment

Determining cubic feet (cf) from gallons: 

1cf  cf  
7.48 gals     x 1100 gals = 0.134 cf/gal x 1100 gals = 147 cf of secondary containment are needed (minimum)
Possible containment areas include:   7 ft wide x 14 ft long x 1.5 ft high = 147 cf of containment OR
6.5 ft wide x 12 ft long x 2 ft high = 156 cf of containment

500 gallon tank needs 550 gallons of secondary containment

Determining cubic feet (cf) from gallons:

1cf cf  
7.48 gals     x 550 gals = 0.134 cf/gal x 550 gals = 74 cf of secondary containment are needed (minimum)
Possible containment areas include:   6 ft wide x 10 ft long x 1.25 ft high = 75 cf of containment; OR
8 ft wide x 10 ft long x 1 ft high = 80 cf of containment