Community Development Committee Meeting

Date: February 16, 2022

Time: 10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Registration Required: No

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Webinar Information

Members of the public can watch or listen to the meeting by calling in or by using the Zoom application:

**CD Committee members will receive unique Zoom links the day before the meeting to participate.

Disabled Accommodation

If you have a disability which requires an accommodation, an alternative format, or requires another person to assist you while attending this meeting, please contact the Administrative Services Officer at (707) 565-7520, as soon as possible to ensure arrangements for accommodation.

Language Services are available upon request if made at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting to help ensure availability. For more information or to request services: Contact (707) 565-7520.

Servicios de idiomas se pueden proveer para esta junta. Para más información o para solicitar servicios de traducción llame al (707) 565-7520 por lo menos 48 horas (2 dias) antes de la fecha de la junta.


  1. Call to Order and Roll Call (5 minutes)
  2. Public Comment on Items Not on the Agenda (5 minutes)
  3. Approve Meeting Minutes of November 17, 2021 (5 minutes)
    The Committee will review, discuss, and may take action to approve the meeting minutes or may recommend changes to these minutes.
    • Committee questions/discussion
    • Public comments
    • Motion
    • Roll Call Vote

    Recommended Action: Approve minutes

  4. Interim Director’s Report (15 minutes) - Dave Kiff

    Information only. No Action Item.

  5. Public Hearing – Concurrently with the Cities and Town Advisory Committe
    Review and Recommend Approval of FY 2021-22 Action Plan Substantial Amendment (10 minutes)
  6. Staff (Rhonda Coffman, Community Development Assistant Manager) will present a draft Substantial Amendment to the FY 2021-22 Action Plan to commit $444,500 in reprogrammed FY 2017-18 and FY 2018-19 HOME funds to the Sonoma County Housing Authority’s Tenant-Based Rental Assistance Program.
    • Staff presentation
    • Committee questions
    • Open Public Hearing
    • Close Public Hearing
    • Committee Discussion
    • Motion
    • Roll Call Vote
  7. Summary of CDBG-HOME Applications Received (5 Minutes)
    Staff (Rhonda Coffman, Community Development Assistant Manager)
  8. Brief overview of applications received.
    Information only - No Action Item

  9. Items Board Members Would Like Placed on a Future Agenda
  10. CTAC Adjournment

  11. Award of Project-Based Vouchers (15 minutes) Staff (Martha Cheever, Housing Authority Manager)
    • Staff Presentation
    • Committee Questions
    • Public Comment
    • Committee Discussion
    • Motion
    • Roll Call Vote

Recommended Action: Review recommended awards of Project-Based Vouchers and recommend to the Board of Commissioners for approval.

Next Regular Meeting:March 16, 2022 | 10:00 am – 12:00 pm (Virtual)


Public Comment

Public Comment Prior to the Committee Meeting: Public Comment may be submitted via email to

Public Comment During the Board Meeting: Members of the public who join the Zoom meeting, either through their web browser online or by calling in, will be able to provide live public comment at specific points throughout the meeting.

Any writings or documents presented to a majority of the Community Development Committee regarding any item on this agenda may be requested by email.