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Human Resources Department

Staff Development and Wellness Allowance Program

Staff Development and Wellness Allowance Program

Reimbursements require proof of payment: an itemized payment receipt showing date and method of payment, payor, payee, and item(s) or service(s) paid for. Bank/credit card statements are acceptable but must include the employee name.

Instructions and FAQs

Submitting Your Claim Instructions (PDF: 311 kB)
Approving Computer / Mobile Device Purchase - Instructions for Senior Managers (PDF: 317 kB)
Staff Development FAQs (PDF: 260 kB)



The County of Sonoma is committed to providing efficient and high quality services to the community and recognizes the knowledge, skills, and well being of our workforce are critical to achieving this goal. Therefore, the employee Staff Development Benefit Allowance Program has been developed to encourage learning and wellness. Specifically, the Staff Development Benefit Allowance Program provides an annual reimbursement allowance, as negotiated by collective bargaining or contained in the Salary Resolution, to assist County employees achieve professional and educational growth, safe lifestyles to achieve personal wellness and physical fitness, and resiliency goals.


The Program covers work-related expenditures such as classes and seminars, professional memberships, registration fees, educational materials, tools and equipment. Additionally, the program may also be used for wellness activities by allowing participation in a wide variety of activities that promote emotional and physical fitness that are not medically necessary and would not otherwise be covered through a County-offered health plan.

All benefits provided under this Program are subject to applicable provisions of federal and/or state law, and County policies and procedures, as approved by the County Administrator and the Board of Supervisors. These policies and procedures include, but are not limited to the County Travel and Meal Reimbursement Policy, Vehicle Use Policy, Policy on Purchasing, Departmental Computer Use Policy, and Department Telework policies, guidance or agreements.

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How to File a Reimbursement Claim

Employee reimbursement claims must be filed electronically using the prescribed eForm. Instructions and link to the eForm:

To file a reimbursement claim, go to the County of Sonoma eForms page under Employee Resources. You will need the following information when filing a claim:

  • Employee ID#
  • Network User-ID and Password
  • Electronic copies of all receipts / proof of payment
  • Approved telework agreement, as applicable
  • Travel authorization, as applicable

For DSLEM employees only: Senior Manager email address (for Computer Hardware / Mobile Device claims in most Bargaining Units)

You can also monitor the status of your claims by reviewing your Dashboard on the eForms page after you log in.

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