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Human Resources Department

Junior Commission on Human Rights

2023-2024 Youth Commissioners

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Rithik, District 1

Personally, I'm passionate about the homeless population and substance abuse, which is why I joined the commission; I like to advocate for human rights. Outside of the commission, I like to play tennis, ride my bike, and much more. One relevant achievement or accomplishment that's happened recently is that we presented to the board of supervisors back in May/June. The presentation was amazing, and I'm proud of all the work the commissioners put into it!

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Anavi, District 1

Human rights ensure that all individuals are treated with dignity, fairness, and equality. To me, it's about creating a world where future generations can also enjoy the same or improved rights and freedoms. I am deeply committed to advocating for the right to access healthy food, quality education, and technology. Currently, I am studying to become an environmental lawyer. I'm passionate about using the legal system to protect the environment, advocate for sustainability, and hold detrimental industries accountable. Achieving a harmonious work-life balance is crucial to me. I aim to be present for my family while pursuing a fulfilling career in law. In the past, I have played varsity tennis for Maria Carrillo High School. I currently perform with Santa Rosa Symphony’s Youth Orchestra as well as their Chamber for Youth. Other than music and tennis, I enjoy painting and reading in my free time. Although simple, I hope for a society where all individuals, regardless of their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic background, are treated with equality and fairness under the law.

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Dulce, District 1

My name is Dulce Soto and I am from the first district of Sonoma County. I have a deep love for pottery and can most frequently be found at my pottery wheel. Similarly, I enjoy sewing, often altering or making myself new clothes. Both of these hobbies are significant aspects of my life due to their roots in environmentalism and sustainability. I'm deeply passionate about the right to a clean and healthy environment as well as language accessibility. I hope that Sonoma County's future holds an increased abundance of public libraries and protected parks.

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Hannah, District 1

Making sure everyone is able to live under a standard that allows them to have equal opportunity, and access to basic necessities such as food drive me to fight for human rights. My personal goals include going to college and studying criminal justice law so that I can help make a difference in people's lives. A personal achievement that I have accomplished was going to UC Berkeley debate camp and something that I recently accomplished was being the lead in a play. My hobbies include baking, basketball, listening to music and theater. I would like to see a drastic decrease in homelessness around Sonoma county as well as provide food security for a large number of people. I would also like to see a county where all students feel safe going to school.

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Matthew, District 2

I believe that human rights matter because everyone should have a chance at a fair and equal life. I am particularly interested in the human right to free and decent education to combat the learning discrepancies between different races. My long term goal is to get rid of the education disparity in Sonoma County. My short term goal is to do the dishes at home. One accomplishment I am proud of is the fact that I made varsity tennis in freshman year. Some of my biggest hobbies are cooking and writing. I would like to see legislation that supports the education systems and pays the teachers more.

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Natalie, District 2

Human rights issues are important issues as they are essential in giving people the opportunity and safety to prosper within our society. Particular issues I am focused on right now are homelessness, racial injustice, and education inequity. This is my second year on the commission so I am excited to help more and make progress in helping my community! My hobbies include art, reading, and hanging out with my friends.

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Marianna, District 2

Human Rights matter to me because these are fundamental rights that many have tried to take away. I believe that everyone needs to do their best to help combat those who do the most to strip people of their rights. I am passionate about equity, women's reproductive rights, and the climate crisis, along with the ever growing injustice in our education system. I hope to grow up and impact the world to the best of my ability, hopefully helping bring about that necessary change that needs to be made. I love to read and listen in my free time, along with volunteering at my local library to support the spread of free and local education and books. I hope to see more youth and everyone in total help in the fight for our rights.

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Shawet, District 3

Human rights matter to me because I want to live in a world where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and where community and compassion is the standard for everyone no matter what. Human rights that I am passionate about include identity-based rights, rights to a home, rights to a healthy environment, and rights to clean food and water. My personal goals include working towards healthy and consistent food sources for everyone and reducing the stigma around mental health resources. My professional goals are centered around fighting climate change for nature and for us humans who rely on it. A relevant accomplishment is that I have volunteered regularly over the last three years, so I am experienced with working in the community. Some of my hobbies are music, art, writing, and reading. I also love crafts like jewelry making. Something I would like to see happen in our country is for it to be easier to afford housing.

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Tony, District 3

Human rights matter to me because they are rights that should be intrinsic to everyone regardless of age, gender, nationality, etc. Yet oftentimes these rights are not observed or unknown to people, even within local environments such as our very own sonoma county. I care deeply about mitigating the spread of homelessness and making sure the unhoused have knowledge of and access to dedicated resources. Outside of the commission, I am currently a pianist with a performing jazz group, a drummer, a singer, and an aspiring software engineer. In the past, I have competed in the Maria Carrillo cross country team and currently I play badminton. For a change I would like to see in the county, I would like for there to be an increase in affordable housing.

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Esthefany, District 3

Human rights are important to me as I believe that they are vital to all and any human being no matter their background or their opinions. I am very interested in how the law works to protect our rights, but I am specifically passionate about civil rights and the right to adequate housing; I believe that no one should feel neglected in this country and should have a place that they can call home. I currently have two goals that I am working towards: pursuing a higher education in order to someday become a lawyer and thus achieve a balanced personal and professional life, as well as use my career to help those in my community.  An achievement that I am most proud of was getting accepted into the Youth Commission of Human Rights, as I am glad that I will be able to create a more direct impact on my community.  As for my hobbies, I play soccer, spend time with my friends/family, and I recently have gotten into photography, which surprisingly I’m not too bad at. My vision for this country is for it to become a safe place for everyone; a place anyone can call home, where all can enjoy their rights/freedoms, and not feel that they are being discriminated against because we are all equal as human beings. 

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Bertha, District 4

Human rights matter to me because they are the bedrock of a just and equitable society, ensuring that every individual is treated with dignity and respect. I'm particularly passionate about human rights concerning the Hispanic community, as I believe in advocating for their rights and addressing any disparities they may face. I'm especially concerned about issues like hazard pay for essential workers and improving education to create equal opportunities for all. In terms of my personal and professional goals, I aspire to make a positive impact through environmental science and to deepen my faith. Professionally, I have achieved the honor of being elected as the student school board representative, which allows me to voice the concerns of my peers and influence educational policies. My hobbies and skills include hiking, which connects me with nature, researching to stay informed about important issues, and demonstrating leadership abilities. Being bilingual allows me to bridge communication gaps and promote diversity and inclusion. Looking forward, I hope to see our county provide more academic resources and opportunities for all, ensuring that every resident has access to quality education. I also wish for our communities to be safe and welcoming, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive. These aspirations reflect my commitment to human rights and equality in our society.

Lex, District 4

I refuse to continue to see injustice and people in my community suffering and not do anything about it. My personal goals are to help better my community and learn how to have a wider impact. I am a DEI and affinity group leader within my school. My hobbies mostly consist of playing music and focusing on education. I would like to see a reduction in hostile architecture in Sonoma County and will do my best to make that happen