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Board of Supervisors Department

Sonoma County Coast Municipal Advisory Council

Sonoma County Coast MAC Representatives

Nine members determined through community selection. All members must reside full time within the Sonoma County Coast MAC boundaries. Representatives will serve two or three years, to be determined.

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The Sea Ranch/Annapolis


Marti Campbell, Chair

Marti Campbell 120


Term: 2 years, 2022-2023

Occupation: Retired consultant

Community service experience: Sea Ranch Board of Directors (Chair, Treasurer), San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery Board, Board of Directors of Chanticleer

Goal(s): During the years since I bought property at The Sea Ranch, my focus gradually, and then continuously, changed from San Francisco to Sonoma County. I decided to sell my property in San Francisco to become full time at Sea Ranch.  I appreciate this opportunity to branch out into our County community.


Paul Plakos

paul plakos 120


Term: 2 years, 2021-2022

Occupation: Psychotherapist

Community service experience: Sea Ranch Trails Community (Chair), Gualala Rotary (Member), North Sonoma Coast Fire Protection District (Firefighter), Marine Mammal Center (Rescue volunteer), North Sonoma Coast Fire Protection District Volunteer Association (Board Vice President)

Goal(s):To listen to community member needs and concerns, determine if it is something the county can even help with, determine the actual size of an issue, work with other MAC representatives to prioritize issues, develop possible solutions and provide our county supervisor with clear, concise information. 






Community service experience


Kashia Band of Pomo Indians


Abreanna Gomes 

abby gomes 120


Term: 2 years, 2021-2022

Occupation: Water resource technician, Kashia Band of Pomo Indians

Community service experience: American Indian Science and Engineering Society (Treasurer), National Society of Leadership and Success (Member)

Goal(s): To represent my Tribe, connect with and learn from fellow Coast MAC representatives and ensure Kashia is informed about decisions being made along the Sonoma County Coast that may affect them. 

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Fort Ross/West Cazadero


Wanda Swenson



Term: 2 years, 2021-2022

Occupation: Physical therapist

Community service experience: Gualala Ranch Association  (Board Member, Officer), Coastal Hills Radio Group (HAM Operator)

Goal(s): To make our neighborhood more fire safe, including fuel load reduction and clearing lower canopy, prescribed burns and grazing. I also want to increase revenue from bike riding event to support our emergency responders. 


Caroline Madden


Term: 2 years, 2021-2022

Occupation: Proofreader and Copy Editor 

Committee(s): Roads Ad Hoc Committee  

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Timber Cove

Scott Farmer




Term: 2 years, 2022-2023

Occupation: Bookkeeper, Retired Postmaster

Community service experience: Undergraduate Business Association (President), Neutral Democratic Party of Cambodia (Advisor), Timber Cove Fire Protection District Preparedness Task Force (Communications), Economic Development Board Access Sonoma Broadband (Attendee)

Goal as the MAC Representative: To listen well, express clearly, understand difference, bring together and see a path and go there. 


Annie Cresswell



Term: 1 year, 2022-2023

Occupation: Administrative Director, Nonprofit Sector

Community service experience: Fort Ross School (Parent Volunteer), Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods (Strategic Core Member)

Goal as the MAC Alternate: To learn from, be available to and engage my community in projects, proposals, policies and other related matters that would either directly or indirectly affect them. My goal is offer the community a voice. 

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Jill Lippitt

Term: 2022-2023


Elizabeth "Liz" Gallagher

EG 120Contact:

Term: 2022-2023

Occupation: Bookkeeper/Office manager

Community service experience: Jenner Community Club, Jenner Volunteer Fire Department

Goal(s): The MAC needs to be a good gatherer of information from all residents about the quality of life in our town and on our coast.

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Bodega Bay


Brian Leubitz


Term: 2 years, 2021-2022

Occupation: Attorney and Communications/Political Consultant                         

Community service experience: Waves of Compassion (Board Member), California Democratic Party (Regional Director), Alice B Toklas LGBTQ Democratic Club (Past Co-Chair), San Francisco Project Homeless Connect (Volunteer) 

Goal(s): To facilitate communications between community members and county government, particularly with respect to the impact of increasing tourism. Bodega Bay residents need to have more access to county government, and a greater voice in decisions that impact the Southern Sonoma Coast. 

Committees: Coast Land Use Standing Committee (LUC)


Carl Osier


Term: 2022 - 2023


Community service experience:  


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Bodega/Valley Ford


Beth Bruzzone   


Term: 2 years, 2021-2022

Occupation: Cattle Rancher, Community Volunteer                                     

Community service experience: Sonoma RCD Board Member, Sonoma Valley GSA Alternate Board member, Sonoma County Sheriff's Creed member; 40 years of dedicated volunteerism, 15 in Sonoma County

Platform: Work hard, be grateful, give back. Sonoma County is as culturally diverse as it is landscape and vista diverse. I embrace all of our cultural, occupational, and geographical differences. Ranchers and farmers are the original environmentalists and social advocates. 

Goal(s): (1) Leave the world a better place than I found it. (2) Learn something new everyday and help others along the way. 

Committee(s): Land Use Ad Hoc, Water Ad Hoc, Roads Ad Hoc


Che Casul


Term: 2 years, 2021-22

Occupation: Chief Executive Officer, The Center for Social and Environmental Stewardship

Community service experience: West County Community Services (Business Liaison), Buckelew Programs (Assistant Program Director), Habitat for Humanity of Sonoma County (Community Development Manager), Latino Services Providers (Board Member)

Platform: I feel I have a depth of understanding within different cultures represented in our community, which is rare to find in one person. I'm a generational rancher, a first generation Latino and a social worker, all which enable me to understand multiple perspectives, and the ability to bring diverse groups to consensus on difficult issues. 

Goal(s): To protect my community's way of life, economic and physical security, and to ensure the prosperity of the generations that will come after us. 

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Member Representative FAQs

Do you have questions about being a representative for this council?

Representative FAQs (PDF: 81 kB)