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Board of Supervisors Department

Sonoma County Coast Municipal Advisory Council


The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors created the SCCMAC

by Resolution No. 18-0407     
On: 09/25/2018

to serve as an advisory body on community matters of concern that relate to the area served by the MAC, such as use permit application, rezoning applications, general plan amendment applications, prioritization of transportation and transit improvements, health and human safety-net services and additional topics request by the District Supervisor.


In order to facilitate community engagement the SCCMAC will make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on the aforementioned advisory topics. In addition, the duties of the SCC MAC shall include:

  • Hold regular open and public meetings
  • Study and analyze the advisory topics
  • Keep the District Supervisor informed of any issues related to advisory topics within the community
  • Provide recommendations on the advisory topics and annual reports to the Board
  • Comply with the Sonoma County Municipal Advisory Council policies and procedures.