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Department of Human Services

Division of Food and Nutrition Benefits

CalFresh Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start using my CalFresh card?

How can I check the balance of my EBT Card?

How do I replace a damaged, lost or stolen CalFresh card?

Will my benefits be replaced if someone steals benefits from my CalFresh card?

How do I keep my PIN number from being stolen?

What if my card doesn't work?

What if I forget my PIN number? Or want to change it?

Why does my neighbor/friend get more CalFresh than I do?

Can I use my CalFresh card in another state?

Do I have to use all my CalFresh benefits in month I get them, or do they carry over into the next month?

When are CalFresh benefits put into my account?

Can I let someone else use my CalFresh Card to buy food for me?

Can a market charge a fee for using my CalFresh food benefits?

If I get more benefits than I’m due, will I have to repay the extra CalFresh benefits?

My CalFresh allocation for the month is used up, and I’m out of food. What can I do?

How do I stop my CalFresh benefits and close my account?

How do I transfer my CalFresh benefits because I’ve moved to another county in California?