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Temporary Staffing Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Department’s need for temporary services is going to exceed 90 days. Can the assignment for a temporary worker be extended more than 90 days?

No. CA Government Code 31000.4 restricts the use of temporary help to 90 days. The Code provides no extension, waiver, or exception to the 90-day limit. If your need is longer than 90 days, please work with your department’s Human Resources Recruitment and Classification Analyst to review extra-help options. 

We have a great extra-help employee who has reached the maximum service hours. We still have a temporary need. Can the extra-help employees be hired as temporary service workers for the same assignment?

No. Extra-help employees who have reached their maximum are required a "break in service," per Civil Service Rules. It is not appropriate to rehire the same employee as a temporary service worker immediately following the completion of an extra-help assignment.

The temporary service agency sent us a super temporary worker. The need we have is going to exceed 90 days, but we want to keep the same worker. Can we convert that employee from a temporary service worker to County Extra-Help employment?

Yes. Contact your department's Human Resources Recruitment and Classification Analyst for more information on how to process the conversion from temporary agency worker to County Extra-Help employment.

The temporary agency sent us a referral for an employee who is currently an extra-help employee. Can we employ this person for the temporary assignment?

No. Extra-help employees cannot simultaneously be employed as temporary workers as this would be a violation of CA Government Code 31000.4. Extra-help employees at or approaching maximum services hours should not be hired as a temporary service worker.

Can we interview or request resumes of temporary workers from the agency prior to making an appointment?

It depends. If the temporary assignment is very short (e.g. one week, one month), Human Resources advises that you employ the worker assigned by the temporary services agency to expedite filling your Department’s needs. However, if the assignment is longer, but still less than 90 days (e.g. two to three months), you may request resumes from the temporary service agency and conduct interviews prior to making a selection.

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