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Retiree Extra-Help Hiring

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Many Sonoma County retirees are uniquely qualified to step right into Extra-Help positions with little or no training, bringing valuable knowledge and experience. Departments frequently ask if retirees are interested in working vacation and leave coverage relief, part-time hours, and specific projects. Retiree Extra-Help employment must begin no later than five (5) years after the retirement date and Sonoma County retirees may be re-employed as Extra-Help in the same class, a previously held class, or a lower-level class in the same series.  

Government Code 7522.56 does limit retiree Extra-Help to working 960 hours per fiscal year and prohibits the County of Sonoma from hiring retirees as Extra-Help if, during the 12-month period prior to the appointment, the retiree received unemployment insurance payments arising out of prior County of Sonoma employment. Additionally, Retirement legislation (PEPRA) created strict requirements as to when individuals can return to work after retirement and there are IRS Internal Revenue Code requirements and other legislation which impact retirees’ eligibility and ability to work as retiree Extra-Help employees. There are serious consequences if you fail to have a bona fide break in service. For a more complete summary explanation that includes those consequences, review SCERA’s, Working After Retirement, webpage and download the Separation from Service Following Retirement Summary.

Departments are responsible for hiring retirees appropriately, the requirements of which are detailed in the Retiree Extra-Help Certification of Compliance Form and are intended to help ensure departments hire retiree Extra Help employees appropriately.

The compliance form must be completed, reviewed, and approved prior to the individual’s start date. These forms may be needed for future State and Federal audit purposes and may be requested by Human Resources when approving/advising on current or prospective retiree Extra Help employees.

Directions on how to complete and retain this step-by-step form are detailed on the form. 

Retiree Extra Help Compliance Form

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Retiree Extra Help Application Process

Within five years after the separation date, retired regular Sonoma County employees have the opportunity to be placed on the Retiree Extra-Help list to be considered for extra-help employment in a previously held class or a lower-level class in the same series.

  • Sonoma County Retirees must submit application materials for EACH job class they wish to be considered for. To be considered for multiple job classifications, please submit multiple applicants.
    • Human Resources staff review applications to determine eligibility and will notify the retiree if the request for retiree Extra-Help status has been approved or denied.
  • If approved, Human Resources places retirees on the retiree Extra-Help list, for the approved classification(s), for 6 months.
  • When 6 months expires it is the retiree’s responsibility to contact Human Resources to request an extension, Human Resources will NOT automatically renew eligibility, Human Resources does not notify retirees when six months expires.
  • If you wish to extend your eligibility for another six months, you must contact Human Resources to make the request.
  • As retiree Extra-Help positions become available, Human Resources refers your application materials, as requested by departments, for the classification that you have submitted your application for.
  • Human Resources will not notify you if you have been referred to a department.
  • Once referred to departments, departments are responsible for communicating and coordinating with retirees directly.

Human Resources encourages employees to use the online process, but if that is not available or desirable, employees may submit paper applications. Contact the Human Resources Recruitment & Classification team for further Retiree Extra-Help support.

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Receiving Board Approval 

Human Resources and the County Administrator’s Office strongly encourage workforce planning to mitigate the need for retired annuitants as Extra-Help employees. Please work with your department’s Recruitment and Classification Analyst to plan recruitments as necessary.

Per the direction provided in the Retiree Extra-Help Certification of Compliance Form, should the Board of Supervisor’s approval be required, a regular Board item must be submitted. Contact your department’s Human Resources Recruitment & Classification Analyst for Retiree Extra Help agenda support; including the Board item summary template.

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