Pavement Condition


PCI 90-100

Excellent Condition (PCI = 90 to 100)

PCI 70-89

Very Good Condition (PCI = 70 to 89)

PCI 50-69

Good Condition (PCI = 50 to 69)

PCI 25 to 49

Poor Condition (PCI = 25 to 49)

PCI 0-24

Very Poor Condition (PCI = 0 to 24)

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Map Information

The above map displays the pavement condition of County-maintained roads, as determined by periodic field inspections. NOTE: Roads that are within city limits, state highways, or private property do not belong to the County-Maintained Road System.

What is PCI?

PCI stands for Pavement Condition Index, a numerical index between 0 and 100, used to indicate the condition of a specific section of road pavement. Note that PCI does not apply to dirt and gravel roads.

Pavement Preservation Program

What We Do:

Sonoma County's Pavement Preservation Program aims to lower the long-term cost of maintaining our roads by examining pavement condition and other characteristics to determine the proper treatments, and when to apply them.

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