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  • ActiveMap is an Interactive Mapping Application that enables the public to view General Plan Land Use, Zoning and many other land development related data sets for property within unincorporated Sonoma County over the Internet.
  • The Advertising and Promotions Program utilizes a portion of the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) to encourage tourism, economic development and community engagement through a variety of grant award and funding avenues.
  • Find information on topics such as drought, freeze, and flood events adversely effecting agriculture.
  • Certain permit types will allow the applicant to pay outstanding balances On-line. These permit types include Building (BLD), Grading (GRD), Septic (SEP), Non-Standard Septic - Operational (OPR), Demolition (DEM) and Drainage (DRN).
  • If you disagree with your property tax assessment, you have the right to file an Application for Changed Assessment.
  • Sonoma County General Services is proud to welcome you to our seven public halls located throughout scenic Sonoma County. The larger auditoriums at the Santa Rosa, Petaluma and Sonoma venues are designed to accommodate large events including concerts, trade shows and exhibits. Our staff can assist you in finding excellent caterers, decorators, technicians and additional equipment.
  • Connects you to licensing, regulatory requirements and business assistance services in Sonoma County.
  • The State of California does not require or issue business licenses for sole proprietorships or general partnerships. Other business structures, however, must register with the state. All businesses located in an incorporated city in Sonoma County must first obtain a business license from that city. The county does not require a business license to do business within its unincorporated areas, but all fictitious business names must be registered with the Sonoma County Clerk.

  • Information about living and working in Sonoma County
  • Purchasing services for all Sonoma County Departments are centralized under the Purchasing Division within General Services.
  • The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines to be used to evaluate requests for fee waivers and to implement a structure and process through which consistent information for fee waiver requests will be collected and evaluated
  • Persons doing business for profit under a fictitious name (does not include surname in company name). Statement must be filed in county of principal place of business, and may also be filed in other counties as long as the requirements for filing in the county of principal place of business have been met…
  • Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM), an invasive pest native to Australia, was confirmed for the first time in California and the continental United States in March 2007.

    The Sonoma County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office is responsible for the detection of noxious pests in the county, and education and outreach to the community and agricultural industry regarding these pests and the quarantine restrictions. We are working directly with agriculture and related industries to help them meet state and/or federal requirements to move their commodities, and to ensure their business is impacted as little as possible.
  • PRMD contracts with Accela Inc. to allow licensed contractors and owner-builders to apply for simple permits on their Accela Permit™ Manager website. Also anyone can make a payment on certain types of existing permits through the site.

  • Sonoma County Public Safety Resources. If you are currently experiencing an actual emergency, please dial 911.
  • This innovative online platform delivers relocation information to current and relocating employees. Staffed by a dedicated team at the Sonoma County Economic Development Board (EDB), the program is a merger of public and private marketing, management and networking initiatives established to meet new recruitment challenges and opportunities in Sonoma County. Featured are numerous searchable archives of employment, housing, education, healthcare, culture, and entertainment information.
  • The Sonoma County Economic Development Board (EDB) provides numerous reports on the demographic and educational make-up of Sonoma County, along with reports about the County’s workforce. These reports are generally presented annually and are meant to give you a good picture of the county over the last several years.
  • The Sonoma Green Business Program is a partnership of government agencies and utilities that assists, recognizes, and promotes local organizations, focusing on small- to medium-sized consumer-oriented businesses that volunteer to operate in a more environmentally responsible way…
  • The County of Sonoma is changing from our procurement system to a new electronic system effective February 2, 2015.
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