Mental Health Board

The Mental Health Board meets on the third Tuesday of every month; the community is invited to attend all meetings.

The Mental Health Board Executive Committee meets on the first Wednesday of every month; the community is invited to attend all meetings.

Call (707) 565-4850 to verify that the meeting is taking place, to inquire about the special presentation, to suggest a future presentation topic, or to be placed on the mailing list.

Membership Info and Meeting Schedule

Data Notebook 2019

The Data Notebook is a structured format for reviewing information and reporting on specific mental health services in each county. The topic for the 2018 Data Notebook is "Evaluation of Services, Barriers to Access, and Unmet Needs". 

Download the 2019 Data Notebook (PDF: 1.47 MB)


The Mental Health Board acts as a community focal point for mental health issues by reviewing & evaluating the community’s mental health needs, services, facilities, & special problems. It advises the Board of Supervisors & the Behavioral Health Director regarding any aspect of local mental health programs. Each Sonoma County Supervisor can appoint three representatives.


Board of Supervisors - Title 9, California Administrative Code, Sec. 3 (HEW) Subchapter 3, Article I Sec. 1340; Sec. 5604 W & I: Welfare & Institutions Code 5604 (a) (1): Each community mental health service shall have a mental health board consisting of 10 to 15 members, depending on the preference of the county, appointed by the governing body, except that boards in counties with a population of less than 80,000 may have a minimum of five members. One member of the board shall be a member of the local governing body.


Review and advise Board of Supervisors on mental health services and issues.

Membership Term

All terms are three years and expire on December 31, in the third year after appointment.


With prior approval of the MHB Executive Committee, members can be reimbursed for expenses & mileage related to their board duties.

Contact Information

Mental Health Board Clerk, 707-565-4850, email DHS-MHB@sonoma-county.org

Meeting Schedule

The MHB typically meets on the third Tuesday of each month EXCEPT in August & December, when it usually takes Summer & Holiday breaks. In addition, the MHB meets quarterly in outlying geographical areas, which can change from year to year. 

Download Mental Health Board meeting schedule 2019-2020 (PDF: 305 kB)

Membership Composition

Sixteen members; 3 appointed by each Supervisor; and the Chairman of the Board or his/her delegate. W&IC 5604 (d): No member of the Mental Health Board or his or her spouse can be a full-time or part-time employee of the County behavioral health services, the State Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), or an employee of, or a paid member of the governing body of, a mental health contract agency. Per W&I Code 5604 (a)(2): 50% of MHB members must be Family Members of Consumers or Consumers. [A consumer is identified as an individual who is receiving, or has received, mental health services.] At least 20% of Total Membership must be Consumers At least 20% of Total Membership must be Family Members of Consumers.
16 Members: 3 Current Vacancies
RepresentingMember NameAppointmentTerm Expires
Board of SupervisorsSupervisor Shirlee ZaneCounty Supervisor, District 3
First DistrictDr. Richard KirkSumm Act #20, 3/20/20181/1/2021
First DistrictPatricia Gray, PhD, JDSumm Act #27, 4/30/201912/31/2021
First DistrictPeterson PierreSumm Act #39, 6/11/20196/11/2022
Second DistrictDiana NelsonSumm Act #36; 1/8/201912/31/2022
Second DistrictFran AdamsSumm Act #57, 12/13/201612/31/2019
Second DistrictMary Ann SwansonSumm Act #28; 1/8/201912/31/2022
Third DistrictShellie HadleySumm Act #23, 1/29/201912/31/2021
Third DistrictVacantVacant
Third DistrictVacantVacant
Fourth DistrictPeter McAweeneySumm Act #41, 5/8/201812/31/2020
Fourth DistrictRobert CobbSumm Act #15, 9/27/201612/31/2019
Fourth DistrictVacantVacant
Fifth DistrictDr. Robert HaleSumm Act #35; 1/8/201912/31/2021
Fifth DistrictKathleen SmithSumm Act #22, 1/29/201912/31/2021
Fifth DistrictSherry WeyersSumm Act #16, 3/21/201712/31/2019

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Kathy Smith, Chairperson

Sonoma County Mental Health Board

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Santa Rosa, CA 95407

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