Family, Youth and Children's Division

All children and teens deserve to be safe, healthy and cared for.

The Family, Youth and Children's Division partners with community members, families and professionals who work with youth, to ensure the safety and well-being of all Sonoma County children.

URGENT NEED for More Caring Foster Parents

Host Foster Adopt Sonoma CountyEach day in Sonoma County, more than 500 foster infants, children and teens are in foster care. Relatives, family friends, teachers and coaches, single adults, couples and families of all types are needed to foster and adopt local children.

Foster families help protect abused and neglected children and teens who cannot safely remain in their parent's care. There is a special need for foster parents to care for sibling groups, toddlers and teenagers. Becoming a foster parent is also the first step toward adopting a child or teen.

If you want to provide a safe and loving home, learn how to become a foster parent or call (707) 565-4274 to talk with us.

Family, Youth and Children's Division Foster Care Program

(707) 565-4274
County Foster Care

boy-paper-airplane-foster-75pxThe County of Sonoma foster care program protects local children and youth who must be removed from unsafe homes due to abuse or neglect. These children become dependents of the juvenile court, supported and cared for in the community by foster parents or in the County emergency shelter, Valley of the Moon Children's Home.

Along with other local agencies, the Family, Youth and Children's Division trains foster parents to provide safe, stable, loving temporary homes for local children and teens. They include single adults, straight and gay couples, Spanish-speaking families, children's relatives or family friends.  We host monthly meetings so you can Explore Foster Parenting or take the first step to become a foster / resource family.

Contact us to learn about how to become a licensed foster parent with the County.

Valley of the Moon Children's Home

P.O. Box 1539, Santa Rosa, CA 95402-1539
(707) 565-6350FAX (707) 565-6352

To care for children who are no longer safe with their parents or guardians, the County provides immediate, temporary, emergency shelter with caring professionals in a peaceful, stable, supportive and nurturing group environment, until a community foster home is arranged. Children and youth receive medical, dental and mental health counseling and other supportive healing services from caring professionals and staff.

Community volunteers offer vital support at Valley of the Moon Children's Home 

Help children and youth with homework, lead art, exercise, garden or music programs, sort donated clothes, toys and other items for foster children and youth or plan and organize special events. To volunteer, contact the non-profit Valley of the Moon Children's Foundation or email Valley of the Moon Children's Home staff.

Redwood Children's Center

2755 Mendocino Avenue, Suite 204, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
(707) 565-6360 • FAX (707) 565-8621

In a child-friendly environment at the Family Justice Center  young victims of sexual abuse or trafficking are interviewed by a trained forensic professional. To reduce the number of times a child must be interviewed regarding their experience, sessions are monitored and recorded for law enforcement, legal and social services professionals review.

Valley of the Moon Children's Foundation

PO Box 11671, Santa Rosa, CA 95406

Valley of the Moon Children's Foundation LogoThis private, nonprofit, community foundation generously raises funds to support foster children and foster families in Sonoma County. In partnership with the Board of Supervisors and the County, the Foundation led the capital campaign to build the emergency shelter, the Valley of the Moon Children's Home.

Get involved as a volunteer or make a charitable donation to support:

  • The needs of children and teens at Valley of the Moon Children's Home
  • Children and teens in community foster care homes and their foster parents
  • Emancipated foster children, including help with education, housing and employment guidance
  • Community efforts to prevent child abuse

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See the 2016 Child Abuse Prevention Report

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