Medical Waste Program

The Medical Waste Program was established by the California Department of Health Services to ensure statewide standards for uniformity in the safe handling, minimization and disposal of medical waste. The Sonoma County Department of Health Services administers the program within Sonoma County.

DHS provides support to medical waste generators through various administrative activities, including: 

  • Guidance and assistance in complying with the Medical Waste Program.
  • Reviewing and processing medical waste management plans from all generators.
  • Issuing medical waste permits and registrations.
  • Conducting evaluations and inspections.
  • Responding to complaints and emergency incidents.
  • Taking enforcement action when necessary.

An annual fee (pdf) is required of all generators of medical waste to support implementation of this program. It is the responsibility of all generators of regulated medical waste to comply with the Medical Waste Program.

The regulations governing this program are found within the Medical Waste Management Act of the California Health and Safety Code, Division 101, part 14, Chapters 1-11. A copy of this legislation may be obtained by contacting: 

California Department of Public Health
Medical Waste Management Program
P.O. Box 997377, MS 7405
Sacramento, CA 95899-7377
(916) 449-5671
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