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For hundreds of commuters, particularly those who live within 5-10 miles of their workplace, bicycling can be an excellent, healthful commute option - especially during the upcoming warmer months of spring and summer. Walking and biking are considered the easiest way to get more physical exercise into your day and are the lowest cost of commute options.

Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition Logo ThumbnailThe Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition

The Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition promotes bicycling for transportation and recreation and works to educate the community about bicycle safety and the benefits of cycling, including good health and protecting the environment. The Bike Coalition offers excellent resources for bike commuters including a county map that shows all bike trails and lanes.

Bike Lockers

The Sonoma County Center campus has several bicycle lockers available to secure your bikes. They are located outside of PRMD, at the north end of La Plaza A, and near the entrance of the Hall of Justice. If you would like to have an access card for the bicycle lockers, visit www.bikelink.org and click 'Get a Card'.  For immediate issues such as lock-outs, security or safety issues call (888) 540-0546

Clean Commute Profile: CAO Employees leaving their cars at home!

For several years Christine Williams (CAO Department Analyst) has been clean commuting to work at least one day a week, and more often during summer months when she doesn’t have to factor in the “kid drop off” at school. Christine takes a city bus or sometimes walks home from work during good weather, commuting about 3 miles each way. Christine started biking last year on “Bike to Work Day” because she wanted to get over her fear of riding on
Santa Rosa streets, which she considered challenging for cyclists. 

Terri Saunders (CAO Department Analyst) is also an avid bicyclist and teamed up with Christine since they live close to each other.Riding with Terri helped Christine feel safer on the roads.  Last summer, Terri and Christine created “Bike to Work Thursday”, riding together every Thursday and additional days whenever possible. Both Christine and Terri believe that having a ‘bike buddy’really helps with sticking to a weekly commitment.   

Outside of work, Christine and her 20 yr. old daughter bicycle for fun on weekends, mostly on Santa Rosa Creek and the Joe Rodota trail. Terri enjoys riding with her grandson who is still using training wheels but keeps Terri on the go nonetheless.  

Rich Bottarini (CAO LAFCO Executive Officer) uses alternative transportation daily to commute to work by either public transportation or by bicycling. Rich has a quick 24-minute bus ride from home to County Center and takes advantage of this free time to read.  Taking the bus means no rush and Rich gets to work relaxed and ready to go! When Rich bicycles to work, it takes about an hour as he travels along Redwood Highway. Rich enjoys “arriving at home relaxed after the work day, while getting an easy workout, too!”   

Join the Clean Commute movement today by selecting 'Take the Pledge' (on the home page) and commuting to work by biking, walking, using transit, ridesharing, or teleworking. Enjoy the benefits of better health, less stress and knowing that you are contributing to our community's environmental health. 

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