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Successor Agency

The Sonoma County Community Redevelopment Agency, along with all other 400 redevelopment agencies in California, was dissolved on February 1, 2012 by the action of the State Legislature as confirmed by a decision of the California Supreme Court.  

 To facilitate the wind-down process, the State of California required the establishment of successor agencies to the redevelopment agencies to manage redevelopment projects currently underway, make payments on enforceable obligations, and dispose of redevelopment assets and properties. State law mandated that redevelopment agencies’ non-housing funds and assets be transferred to a successor agency, and housing assets and functions be transferred to a successor housing agency. 

 The dissolution of redevelopment included the responsibility for successor agencies to create lists of “Enforceable Obligations,” which when approved for continued payment, we able to be satisfied by a portion of the tax increment associated to the prior Redevelopment Agency. Consequently, property tax revenues are now being used to satisfy required payments on existing bonds, other obligations, and pass-through payments to local governments, with the balance of previous Redevelopment Tax Increment payments being distributed to taxing entities, including  cities, counties, special districts, and school and community college districts.

Successor Agency

The Successor Agency is authorized to continue to implement projects that were in progress at the time of dissolution (“enforceable obligations”). These projects are listed on each Successor Agency’s  Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule (ROPS), submitted to the State of California Department of Finance annually. 

 The County of Sonoma was designated as the Successor Agency to the Sonoma County Community Redevelopment Agency, and the Successor Agency is staffed and administered by the Sonoma County Community Development Commission. The Successor Agency is governed by the Oversight Board of the Successor Agency and the Board of the Successor Agency (consisting of the members of the Board of Supervisors). The ROPS filed on behalf of our Successor Agency are all publicly available.

Housing Successor Agency

As a part of the Dissolution, the law made special provision for the housing programs and funding associated to the Redevelopment Housing Set Aside, which had required that 20 percent of each tax dollar allocated to a redevelopment agency be dedicated to affordable housing uses. The law required that the jurisdictional governing body of the redevelopment agency (city or county) decide whether it wanted to serve as its own successor housing entity, or whether the housing assets (but not the housing liabilities, which remained the responsibility of the successor agency) of the redevelopment agency would pass to the regional housing authority in the jurisdiction. 

The County of Sonoma, and the cities of Sebastopol and Sonoma, decide not to serve as their own Successor Housing Entities, and all encumbered housing assets of the three former redevelopment agencies were transferred to the Community Development Commission, as parent entity of the Sonoma County Housing Authority, by operation of law. These assets, as well as income earned on the assets, must be held in a Low- and Moderate-Income Housing Asset Fund (LMIHAF) and used pursuant to the housing provisions of California Community Redevelopment Law (CRL).

Oversight Board

The Oversight Board oversees certain aspects of fiscal management of former Community Redevelopment Agency assets, other than affordable housing assets discussed supra. The Oversight Board is comprised of representatives of the local agencies that serve former redevelopment project areas: the city, county, special districts, K-14 educational agencies, and the public. Oversight Board members have a fiduciary responsibility to holders of enforceable obligations, as well as to the local agencies that would benefit from property tax distributions from former redevelopment project areas.

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