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The Housing Choice Voucher Program is a rent subsidy program that assists eligible low-income persons and their families in obtaining affordable, decent, and safe housing by paying a portion of their rent. Eligible applicants locate a unit in the private rental market. Rent must be within the current allowed Payment Standards.

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Income Limits

The following are the maximum annual income limits for Sonoma County Housing Authority's Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program as of April 1, 2018.

Income Limits: Your household's annual gross total income (income before taxes or any other amounts are taken away) must be less than or equal to the amounts shown above. You must include the income of every person who will live with you. (You do not have to include earned income of minor children 17 years or younger.)

Income Limits for Households with No Employed Adult(s)

Household Size Yearly Income 

Income Limits for Households with Employed Adult(s)

Household Size Yearly Income 


Families on the Sonoma County Housing Authority’s waiting list are served based on preferences and the date and time of application. The Sonoma County Housing Authority has established the following local preferences for selecting applicants from our waiting list:

Preference is granted to applicants with household members in Any One of the following groups:

  • United States Veterans or surviving spouses of veterans
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Seniors (62+ years of age)
  • Families with minor children (under 18 years of age)

In-Place Preference

  • Applies only to those who have been living in a unit in the jurisdiction of the Sonoma County Housing Authority (within the County of Sonoma, outside the city limits of Santa Rosa) for at least three months and the owner/manager is willing to accept the Housing Choice Voucher Program if the applicant is approved.
  • Documents required at the time your name is reached on waiting list:
  • A letter from the owner/manager certifying that they will accept the voucher.
  • A copy of applicant’s lease in an appropriate size dwelling for the family listed in the housing application.
  • Copies of utility bills for a 3 (three) month period verifying residency in the unit.

Important Note: Should a voucher be issued using this preference and the voucher is unable to be utilized in the “in place” unit at the time of voucher issuance, the voucher will be rescinded and the applicant returned to the waiting list.

You will only be required to provide documentation for any preferences that apply to you at the time your name is reached on the waiting list.

At this time we are unable to estimate the length of time an applicant will wait. 

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Housing Authority Administrative Plan

The purpose of the administrative plan is to establish policies for carrying out the programs in a manner consistent with HUD requirements and local goals contained in our agency's plan.

Housing Authority Admin Plan
Last updated July 2018