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Board of Supervisors Adopts Strategic Priorities Targeting Most Critical and Immediate Community Needs

Santa Rosa, CA  –  April 18, 2017  –  The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors adopted a sweeping platform of strategic priorities this week aimed at tackling some of the County’s most immediate and critical needs.  Divided into four main categories – Securing our Safety Net, Housing for All, Rebuilding our Infrastructure, and Healthy Watersheds – the multi-year priorities will drive County department work plans to deliver actionable outcomes to our community.

“Establishing priorities that address critical community needs is essential as we begin to develop our County budget for next fiscal year,” said Board Chairwoman Shirlee Zane.  “Our community expects results from our Board and the County.  These priorities will help each County department to develop plans that address these significant needs and provide our Board with a roadmap to evaluate progress.  I look forward to reporting back to our community on the progress of these strategies and delivering real change.” 

The Securing Our County Safety Net priority is designed to provide support to the County’s highest need residents to achieve self-sufficiency, recovery and well-being. ”The departments working on this priority represent over half of our budget,” noted Supervisor James Gore. “What is exciting about this priority is we can help people out of poverty and save taxpayer dollars just by working together.”

The Rebuilding Infrastructure strategy focuses on upgrading facilities and investing in ongoing maintenance of infrastructure now to save money later and to improve public safety. Supervisor David Rabbitt commented, “Making improvements to our roads and other infrastructure is vital to the daily routines of county residents and Sonoma County commerce. We must continue to build on the investment we have made in recent years and continue to make this issue a top priority.”

For the Healthy Watersheds initiative, the goal is to provide a framework for the coordination of local governments and non-governmental organizations to address the environmental impacts associated with the growth and development of the County. ”This is the priority that I’m most excited about”, noted Supervisor Lynda Hopkins. “I see this priority creating a ground swell of love for our natural resources in the community. You don't protect what you don't love; creating the love for our County’s natural resources benefit us today and for generations to come.”

Finally, the Housing for All strategy aims to increase the pace of housing development at all income levels. Noting the dire need for more housing, Supervisor Susan Gorin also highlighted trends in urban design and infrastructure that shape infrastructure. ”We need to build neighborhoods that are walkable, close to services, transit, and shopping.  We need to intentionally focus on building neighborhoods with services, addressing our housing crisis holistically.”

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