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Department of Agriculture
Weights and Measures

The Department of Agriculture/Weights and Measures enforces the laws and regulations of the California Food and Agriculture Code, the California Business & Professions Code and the California Code of Regulations while serving at the discretion of the County Board of Supervisors and CDFA's  Secretary of Food & Agriculture. Sonoma County's Department of Agriculture/Weights & Measures employs a staff of thirty-three people and has its main office in Santa Rosa.  To serve the public's needs, two small satellite offices with limited public hours are operated in the cities of Sonoma and Petaluma.

The Agricultural Division acts under the jurisdiction and direction of the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), and the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR), and works in cooperation with various federal, state, regional and local agencies.

The Division of Weights and Measures is committed to protecting the economic health of the community by preserving and maintaining confidence in the accuracy of weighing and measuring instruments, product standards, and business practices used in commerce. Through this balanced commitment and timely response to citizen and business requests, consumers and businesses are assured the means of accurate value comparison and fair competition.

  • June 10, 2014
    The Sonoma County Agricultural Commissioner presented the 2013 Sonoma County Crop Report to the Board of Supervisors at this morning’s Board meeting.  With the theme of “Sonoma County Working Landscapes” the report highlights the multiple ecological benefits provided by good stewardship of agricultural lands. The reported also highlight good news, including an increase of 4% in the gross value for agricultural production to $848,323,200 in 2013
  • February 14, 2014
    Drought is a critical issue for all of Sonoma County growers and ranchers. As the rainy season comes to an end, the need to manage available water, existing forage, and crops becomes increasingly important. Producers and ranchers should consider all possible management practices to maintain crop and forage growth while maximizing water efficiency.
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To promote and protect agriculture, the health and safety of our community, environment and the economy through education and the enforcement of laws and regulations.

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