How to Submit a Request from the Website

SoCo Report It 500

To keep these instructions available while you report an issue, open the link a new tab or window by right-clicking on the link or hold down the “Ctrl” key while following the link. 

  1. Visit Report an Issue.
  2. Click Log In or Sign Up as appropriate.
    • The majority of requests require the user to login to successfully submit a request.
    • The benefits of having an account include the ability to receive update notification on the progress of your request and if needed, we can contact you for additional information needed to complete your request. 
  3. Choose the request type that best matches your issue (e.g. pothole) from the list of requests displayed.
    • Scroll down to see all available requests.  
  4. Enter the information requested or required.
    • You can enter the address or drag the pin to the location on the map. Additionally, you can upload one or more pictures to further illustrate the issue. Complete all required fields to successfully submit a request. 
  5. Click Submit.

Note: Please be advised that functionality of Sonoma County Report It  may be affected by pop-up and adware blockers, and may have to be temporarily disabled in order to submit a Service Request.