Frequently Asked Questions

SoCo Report It 750

Who do I contact with technical questions about the app or bugs I found?

As with any new software release, you may have questions or come across errors. Please contact Technical Assistance with any questions or concerns.

Why is it important to give my contact information?

At times follow up is needed and the servicing department may find it necessary to contact the individual that submitted the request to clarify or gain additional information. Without this information the department may not be able to properly follow through and will have to close out the request.

If my phone freezes up, what happens to my request?

If your phone freezes while in the process of submitting a request you should contact your service provider. If you have not completed the submission process, SoCo Report It will not receive your request.


Difficulty uploading video?

Videos can be viewed by county staff on their dashboard so uploading them is very useful. If you are having difficulty uploading the video, please contact technical assistance.

Are photos required?

No, requests may be submitted without a photo.


How can I save my service request to finish it later?

To save a draft on the iPhone, press the back button after selecting the location of the request. To go back to it later, go to ‘Profile’ (on Android this is the button at the top-right of the main menu) and select ‘Drafts’ in the upper, right hand corner of the screen.

Which fields are required?

For most types of service requests, the only required fields are the request type and the location. Some request types ask you specific questions to help the department categorize your request - some of these questions are required. By providing more information, including in the optional fields, the department will be better equipped to resolve your request promptly and accurately.


What should I do if the requested service is not offered via SoCo Report It?

Visit Sonoma County's Popular Services for a list of additional services.

What should I do if I receive error messages?

Message: "That address is not within the boundaries of Sonoma County, CA.  Please enter a Sonoma County, CA address or download the PublicStuff app"

You received this message because you are trying to report an issue in a location that is not serviced by the County of Sonoma.  Please go to the Local Government page to find contact information of other jurisdictions within the County of Sonoma.

Other error messages:

Please contact Technical Assistance

Why does filtering on Nearby Requests show a list from far and wide around the county? 

Nearby in the context of this app really means Recent. The app sorts reports from most recent to oldest.

Why can’t I clear the Request Type when filtering Nearby Requests on an iPhone to perform subsequent searches?

There is a Reset Filters button at the bottom of the Filters screen. This will set all filters back to the default settings. Android phones have a similar button simply called Reset. The app may need to be updated to the latest version to see the new feature.

Sometimes using filters to narrow the results I am interested in doesn’t seem to return all the results or it returns unexpected results. Is this being addressed?

Yes, these filtering issues are slated for correction in the next release of the app.

How do I download SoCo Report It on the iPad?

Public Stuff doesn't currently have an iPad specific version of the SoCo Report It app.  However, you can download the iPhone version on your iPad.  To do this, go to the app store and type in "SoCo Report It" in Search.  You will see a message stating "No Results for SoCo report it".  However, if you look at the top, center of the screen you will see two buttons:  "iPad Apps" and "iPhone Apps".  Click on the "iPhone Apps" button and you should then see the display to download SoCo Report It.