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Easy Access: With Kaiser Permanente, it's simple to find the care you need. Along with primary care, urgent care, emergency care, and labor and delivery, members have convenient access to a wide choice of specialty services. Our specialty care departments range from allergy to urology and everything in between.

Everything under one roof: Most locations include pharmacy, lab, X-ray services, and more.

Personalized care: Whether you come into a Kaiser Permanente facility for a routine visit, urgent care, or emergency care, your doctors, nurses and specialist can see your medical information instantly.

Kaiser Permanente Plan Options

BenefitsFor Employees

Traditional HMO
Hospital Services DHMO
Deductible First HDHP

For Retirees

Traditional HMO
Hospital Services DHMO
Deductible First HDHP
Senior Advantage

Additional Resources

See each plan for Summary of Benefits, Evidence of Coverage (EOC), and other plan documents.

Visit the County of Sonoma webpage at

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Customer Service and Group Numbers

To learn more about Kaiser Permanente, visit or call (800) 464-4000.

For Employees 

  • Traditional HMO Group #: 602484-0003
  • Hospital Services DHMO Group #: 602484-0006
  • Deductible First HDHP Group #: 602484- 0009

For Retirees 

  • Traditional HMO Group #: 9072-0000
  • Hospital Services DHMO Group #: 9072-0006
  • Deductible First HDHP Group #: 9072-0009
  • Senior Advantage Group #: 9072-0000
  • Northwest Group #: 5613-002-AA 
  • Hawaii Group #: 03003-058-86 Region 12



Service Area

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Member Benefits and Tools

Choose your doctor — and change anytime

Getting you connected with a doctor who suits your individual needs is our top priority. Find a doctor who’s right for you by browsing our online doctor profiles, where you’ll see their education, credentials, specialties, and interest areas. You can choose and change your doctor at any time, for any reason. 

See your options at

Register for

Your online gateway to better health is Securely access many time-saving tools to manage our care: Schedule or cancel routine appointments, view lab results, email your doctor’s office, and more. Once you get your member ID card, getting started is easy at — and once you’re registered, download the Kaiser Permanente app to use these features on your smartphone. 

Find convenient locations

You have many facilities to choose from, and you’re free to see different doctors at different locations. For example, you can choose a personal doctor close to work and an optometrist close to home, and your child can see a pediatrician near school.

Search locations near you at

Get prescriptions

It’s easy to get your prescriptions. After you join, just call us or go online, and we’ll help you transition our prescriptions to a Kaiser Permanente pharmacy. Then, fill and get your prescriptions at any Kaiser Permanente pharmacy near you. And, get most refills mailed at no charge when you
order online at