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Volunteer Your Time

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Volunteering with the Horticulture Program and Nursery at Jail Industries is a great opportunity to dig a little deeper into the world of horticulture, develop new skills and techniques, and meet fellow plant nerds.

Nursery Volunteers

Enthusiastic individuals of all levels of experience are welcome! Volunteers will have the opportunity to follow plants through every stage of growth. Volunteer experiences will vary depending on interests, need, season and availability, but there's sure to be the perfect project for everyone! 

Volunteer in your area of expertise

We have plenty of opportunities for those who want to help out, but don't want to dig in the dirt. Please reach out if you are interested in volunteering in your area of expertise. We are always looking for the following, but would welcome volunteers in all areas that support our teaching and growing efforts. 

  • Contractors, carpenters, welders and landscape contractors to help develop on-site facilities 
  • Graphic designers to help with the development of promotional and educational materials
  • Photographers, illustrators, and painters to help build a catalog of plant images to be used for educational and promotional materials

To learn more about volunteering at the Horticulture Program and Nursery at Jail Industries email