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Department of Human Services

Family, Youth, and Children Division

Public Reports

Family, Youth and Children's Division continually assesses and improves the services provided to the community and reports that information to the public. Contact us for additional information.

014-15 Grand Jury Report on Valley of the Moon Children's Home

The 2014-15 Sonoma County Civil Grand Jury Final Report found the care and support for local foster children and teens at the Valley of the Moon Children’s Home “appropriate” and “well-regulated” and made no recommendations for change or correction in the programs, services or staffing of the emergency shelter. Click here to read the Grand Jury Report and Responses.

2014-2019 System Improvement Plan

The 2014-2019 Sonoma County Child Welfare and Juvenile Probation Services System Improvement Plan is a road map for improvements, per our agreement with the State regarding how we're improving safety, permanency and well-being outcomes for children and their families.

2013 County Self-Assessment

The 2013 Sonoma County Child Welfare and Juvenile Probation Services Self-Assessment examines the strengths and challenges in both organizations. Findings and themes that emerge during the County Self-Assessment process, a collaborative effort between county and community stakeholders, are the basis for the System Improvement Plan.