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Department of Human Services

Family, Youth, and Children Division

ICWA Connect

The purpose of the ICWA Connect inbox is to provide a centralized location for Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) representatives to report concerns regarding their work with Family, Youth and Children’s Services (FYC) staff. Follow this link for the Sonoma County Indian Child Welfare Act Protocol.

Whenever possible resolution at the lowest level is preferred; however, this inbox and process exist to address issues that have not been successfully resolved at a lower level or require a higher level of response.

If you wish to report child abuse or have an urgent issue, call the 24-hour, Child Protection hotline at (800) 870-7064.

ICWA Connect Intake Process

  • The responsibility for checking this inbox will be held by the FYC section manager or director who is on standby for that day.
  • The email box will be checked every business day.
  • When an email arrives in the ICWA Connect inbox the section manager will:
  1. Review the email
  2. Call the email sender to confirm receipt of the email, ask for any additional details/information they would like to provide, provide the name and contact information for the section manager to whom the concern will be forwarded.
  3. Forward the message and any additional information to the section manager where the referral or case is currently being worked on.

When a section manager receives a complaint/concern/question in the ICWA Connect inbox they will:

  1. Review the complaint/concern/question
  2. Call the sender of the email to confirm receipt and ask for any additional details/information regarding the complaint/concern/question.
  3. Follow up and address the concern.
  4. Email the sender with the outcome of the concern using the letter template below.
  5. Call the sender and advise them that you have responded to the concern/complaint/question and are available for further discussion if needed/interested.

ICWA sample letter

ICWA Sample Letter

Click here to download a PDF.

24/7 Child Protection Hotline

Your call makes a difference. Report concerns of abuse or neglect 24/7 to (707) 565-4304 or (800) 870-7064.