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In-Home Support Services Public Authority

Tips for Avoiding Fraud

As an In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) provider, there are some things that you can do to avoid committing fraud. These include the following examples:

Tips For Avoiding Fraud (222KB PDF)

  • Only put the hours you have worked on your time-sheet. Hours on your time-sheet should not include time for taking a meal break.
  • Only put hours on your time-sheet for services that are covered by IHSS.
  • Examples of some services that are not covered by IHSS include gardening, pet care, moving furniture, or taking the consumer on social outings.
  • Always refer to the “Services Covered by IHSS” handout if you are in doubt.
  • Only put hours on your time-sheet for tasks that are authorized for your recipient.
  • Only ask your recipient to sign a completed time-sheet.
  • Only sign your name on your time-sheet. If your recipient is not able to sign your time-sheet, you need to check with the county about who else may be authorized to sign for the recipient.
  • Only put time on your time-sheet for days that your recipient is living in their own home. Hours are not authorized when your recipient is in the hospital, a nursing home, board and care facility, or in jail.
  • Keep written records of the hours worked and what you did each day that you work. Request that your recipient also keep track of the hours that you work.
  • If you have differences with the recipient about the hours worked, show the recipient your records and explain the work you did on the date(s) in question.
  • Only include the time you, the provider, are providing services and wish to be paid by IHSS on your time-sheet. If another person is assisting the recipient and wishes to be paid by IHSS, they must be enrolled as a provider.
  • Tell the truth in all of your interactions with the county.