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In-Home Support Services Public Authority

Frequently Asked Questions for IHSS Public Authority

IHSS Client FAQs

How do I find someone that I can hire to care for me?

Can I have more than one person as a Care Provider?

What should I do if my Care Provider asks me to sign an incomplete or blank time-sheet?

Is my Care Provider required to work on Holidays?

What if my Care Provider isn’t doing a good job?

My provider called in sick. Who can help me today?

I need my trees trimmed and help moving to a new home. Can my Care Provider do this?

Become a Care Provider FAQs

I was fingerprinted for another job. Can I use those records for IHSS?

How long until fingerprinting files get to your office?

Is attending your orientation required?

I lost my Social Security card, but I know the number. Can I just tell you?

My government issued photo ID has expired. May I attend orientation?

Is it okay that the names on my Photo ID and Social Security don’t match?

I started working months ago when my client applied to IHSS. Will I receive back pay?

Can my 14-year-old grandchild be my IHSS care provider?

All Care Providers FAQs

How do I get more client referrals? When should I check in with the Registry?

Does the Registry guarantee me work?

My client is in the hospital. Can I get temporary work?

Care Provider Payroll FAQs

When will I get my first time-sheets?

Why are my time-sheets and checks sometimes late?

When moved, I put a forwarding address at the post office. Why didn’t I get my IHSS check?

Why are no taxes taken from my check?