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In-Home Support Services Public Authority



In-Home Supportive Services is a program that provides personal and household assistance to low-income people who are elderly, blind or disabled (IHSS Consumers or Recipients) and require assistance to maintain their independence. The program pays care providers, who are called IHSS Care Providers.

IHSS Care Provider

An In-Home Support Services Care Providers provides personal and domestic services to IHSS-eligible consumers. S/he is an employee of the consumer. A Care Provider is also referred to as a:

  • Caregiver
  • Home Care Worker
  • Individual Provider
  • Independent Provider
  • In-Home Support Services Care provider
  • In-Home Support Services Provider
  • Personal Care Attendant
  • Personal Assistant
  • Provider
  • Worker

In-Home Support Services Consumer

An IHSS consumer is an eligible, low income aged, blind or disabled person who needs assistance to maintain their independence. The consumer receives care provider hours from the IHSS program and employs an IHSS Care Provider to assist with those approved hours of service. An IHSS consumer is also referred to as a:

  • Client
  • Consumer
  • IHSS Recipient
  • Recipient

Registry Coordinator

A Registry Coordinator is an IHSS Public Authority staff member who provides assistance to consumers in finding care providers and helps Registry Care Providers find job opportunities with consumers.


The Registry is operated by the In-Home Support Services Public Authority. It helps consumers find pre-screened qualified care providers. It also helps care providers find employment with IHSS consumers. The major tool it uses is a computerized listing of pre-screened care providers. The Registry constantly screens and recruits new care providers to maintain the listing.

In-Home Support Services Social Worker

An IHSS social worker is assigned to each IHSS consumer. S/he determines whether an individual is eligible for the IHSS program, assesses the number of hours of service needed and periodically reviews continuing eligibility for the program. S/he is also a social service professional who a consumer can contact for referral to the Registry and other County programs.

Urgent Substitute Provider Program (USPP)

The Urgent Substitute Provider Program offers temporary, short-term home care providers to IHSS consumers whose regular care provider is unexpectedly absent and who face an urgent care situation. The Registry operates the USPP service.