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In-Home Support Services Public Authority

Become a Registry Provider

We welcome experienced caregivers with good references to apply to our Registry of qualified care providers for IHSS clients.


When you join the IHSS Public Authority Registry, we’ll help you find work as a care provider for IHSS clients. Clients can request a list of Registry caregivers who they can interview for the job.

Once hired, the client is your employer. IHSS Public Authority oversees care provider payroll processing, offers you training, and gives you information on your medical/dental/union options as an employee.

Who Might Hire Me?

Clients may be seniors or older adults who need help at home, transportation to appointments or need someone for domestic chores. A person with a disability may hire you, or it can be their family member or parent of a child with a disability. The person receiving care or the designated family member is your employer. 

How Do I Join the Registry?

Step 1: Complete An Application

Request or print an application. To be considered for the Registry, you must complete all the information. Then submit it to the IHSS PA office.

Step 2: Come for an Interview and Orientation

If your Registry application is accepted and your references have been checked, we’ll invite you to meet with us. We’ll talk about your work history and the skills, training and personal qualities that make you a good care provider.

Step 3: Attend Orientation

At the mandatory orientation training, you’ll learn about:

  • IHSS services and support,
  • IHSS Public Authority and what we do,
  • Registry policies and procedures,
  • Options for training and education,
  • Medical and dental benefits and
  • Union membership.

If you’re new to IHSS, you must complete the State enrollment requirements in order to be on the payroll to be paid for your work.

Step 4: Criminal Background Checks

  • For new providers, we also complete a criminal background check. You need to be fingerprinted.
  • Current IHSS care provider applying to the Registry do not need to complete additional fingerprinting.

Step 5: Acceptance to the Registry

Once you are approved, we'll send you a letter verifying your acceptance to the Registry. We can then supply your name and contact information to IHSS clients who want to hire a Registry caregiver.

Get More Training

The more skills you have the more desirable you will be as a care provider. 

  • IHSS PA offers a variety of free training sessions. Watch for email announcements, check Eventbrite for IHSS Public Authority-sponsored opportunities or call us at (707) 565-5700.
  • Upcoming: Read about our Free LGBT+ Awareness Training for Caregivers and make your reservation on Eventbrite.

Training classes offered by local agencies can also build your skills. Contact them directly for topics and schedules: