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In-Home Support Services Public Authority

Become a New IHSS Provider

IHSS clients may choose to hire family members, friends or private caregivers as their paid care providers.The person receiving care or their designated family member is your employer. IHSS Public Authority oversees your payroll enrollment, offers you training and gives you information on your medical/dental/union options as an employee.

Experienced caregivers with good references, who are looking for additional work, can also apply to our Registry of qualified care providers for IHSS clients.


  • Step 1: Call Payroll at (707) 565-2852 to report who you will be working for, your name, phone number, address and Social Security number.
  • Step 2: You’ll get a packet of information by mail. Take the form for fingerprinting to a location that provides that service. You need to pay the fees.
  • Step 3: Attend the State Mandated Orientation.

Once you pass the background requirements, you will receive a letter scheduling you for orientation and explaining what documents you need to bring.

At Orientation, you’ll learn about:

  • IHSS services and support
  • IHSS Public Authority and what we do
  • Options for training and education
  • Medical and dental benefits 
  • Union membership
  • The State enrollment requirements in order to be paid

Step 4: When you complete all the requirements (fingerprinting, signed forms and documents) you will receive time-cards. For details about payroll, visit the Provider Payroll & Benefits page.

What Benefits Can I Get?

You are eligible for medical and dental benefits. if you work 75 hours for two consecutive months.  Rules, deadlines, and eligibility requirements apply.  There is currently a waiting list to get signed up for health and dental insurance.

  • If you have questions about health insurance, call Dublin Insurance, Dublin, CA at (888) 838-5370 or (925) 803-1880.

Your Union

Sonoma County IHSS care providers are represented by the Service Employees International Union – SEIU 2015. IHSS care providers who work at least 15 hours a month can choose to join the Union. 

Get More Training

The more skills you have, the better care you’ll be able to offer.

Training classes offered by local agencies can also build your skills. Contact them directly for topics and schedules: